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  1. Twiphase3468

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) [OPEN • SFW] any sfw colored sketches / icons/ refs/ etc

    Going to be accepting commissions from now until end of July 2021. current 2021 prices: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/twiphase3468/ examples: https://sta.sh/22ckusqeuejq?edit=1 most of my commissions would usually take about a week to complete due to current RL schedule. Client will...
  2. Twiphase3468

    (Other) Selling: Mask TF YCH, Father’s Day special

    I have recently opened an auction for a mask TF YCH. In the short comic, person A has been persuaded by person B to wear a magical mask that’ll turn person A into person B’s ideal father figure. (Which is basically any muscular character from various animated series) there are two available...
  3. Twiphase3468

    Looking for a tutorial on top-heavy characters. Need help making back/front-view OC ref

    Hi everyone, I am writing this wondering if anyone, especially a fan of the "Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters", have any tips on drawing top heavy characters like Tatsurion the Unchained? (see "screenshot(s) of character" below) On both Deviantart and Furaffinity accounts, I occasionally make...
  4. Twiphase3468

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Commissions! $9-54! (Max $88)

    Hello everyone. It is close to May, aka the last month of Spring. And in my experience, summer is practically tf-commission-season. I have an artist in mind for a small project of mine. But the price for a TF sequence these days are incredibly expensive. So I figure I be the early bird in this...
  5. Twiphase3468

    Hiring: Looking for a Cover-page artist [Budget: $50]

    Goal: Looking for someone to make a cover image for a fanfic I am writing entitled as "FRJ: Steven Universe arc Rewrite". Budget: $50. Idea for cover image: my gemsona, Charcoal Mythril, wielding his weapon (artistic freedom between long-arm and/or talismans) in some battle-ready stance while...
  6. Twiphase3468

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Boar/Orc hybrid OTA

    with 2019 being the year of the boar, I figure I make an anthro boar OC named Optapr Cupbidine. (the name came ot me around Valentine's Day) Any who, click below if you would like to attend the auction which is open until March 9th. www.furaffinity.net: Farm Animal OTA OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468
  7. Twiphase3468

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Dingo Lifeguard OTA auction

    I've recently made an anthro dingo lifeguard named Taiyoinu. Click below if you like to attend the auction which is open unitl March 9th before midnight PST. www.furaffinity.net: Down Under Part 2 OTA OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468
  8. Twiphase3468

    Pokemon Dad-bod OTA

    Want a Pachirisu/Emolga hybrid that is beefy and chubby? Click link below to attend auction before it closes on this Sunday night around midnight Central Time (^w^) www.furaffinity.net: Dad-bod Pokemon OTA part 2 OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468
  9. Twiphase3468

    Need a Reference. Willing to draw any SFW

    I am in need of a better reference for one of my OCs and I am willing to draw anything SFW for a front/back-view reference. (July has been a merciless drought-season for me so I don't have much saved in my paypal, thus currently unable to commission anybody for a little end-of-summer project of...
  10. Twiphase3468

    Bucentaur OTA now on Clearance

    Instead of ~120$, the Orc/Bugbear/Bucentaur OTA is now for any offers higher than $60. Click below to see what other prizes you get if you claim this guy before the 6th and the 10th of August. (^w^) www.furaffinity.net: Bugbear/Orc/Bucentaur OTA OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468
  11. Twiphase3468

    August Slots Are Now OPEN!!!

    I cannot further stress how I would really, Really, REALLY like to commission someone before the end of summer vacation. And so I implore somebody to hire me. click below for further information. these slots will be open until August 5th. www.furaffinity.net: August Slots Are Now OPEN!!! by...
  12. Twiphase3468

    Dad-Bod Dog-Pokemon OTA

    Would anyone like to adopt a dad-bod Granbull/Houndoom hybrid wearing zipper speedos? If so, please click the link below fo more information. (^w^) www.furaffinity.net: Dad-Bod Pokemon OTA part 1 OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468
  13. Twiphase3468

    Shark OTA

    With it being the 3oth anniversary of Shark Week, I was wondering if anybody would be in nned of a shark OC? If so, then click below to claim this Street-Shark fan-based OTA www.furaffinity.net: Street-Shark fan-based OTA OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468 I'll be taking any offers higher then $30.
  14. Twiphase3468

    Re-opening Old sales.

    Going big or going home, I have certain goals to reach before the end of the summer. Now with July half over, I have a couple of weeks left until August. Around the first/second week of august will be my last days of summer vacation before attending the fall semester courses somewhere after the...
  15. Twiphase3468

    Quick Survey: what should I make next?

    Ever since spring 2018 (honestly forgot which month exactly I've doing it ^^u), I have been making mostly OTAs and sometimes occasionally a couple of YCHs. Most of these are SFW. Below are my art examples, including my old sketches I made when I was an amateur : Artwork Gallery for Twiphase3468...
  16. Twiphase3468

    DT-Bed YCH Open (^w^)

    Wanna rent a dragon-troll hybrid as a bed? Click link below to claim a slot available for $30. www.furaffinity.net: Dracotroglodytam Bed for Rent YCH by Twiphase3468
  17. Twiphase3468

    Open for reference commissions

    For $45 each slot, I can make a front/back view ref. For further info, please link below. www.furaffinity.net: Reference Sheet Commissions are OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468 Please comment on my submission if your interested in claiming a slot and then note me to further discuss business.
  18. Twiphase3468

    Wyrm OTA still Open

    OC name : Jing Gulong Species: Wyrm (aka eastern dragons) Gender: Male Image: Will be accepting any offers higher than $60 Offer higher han $90, then I’ll include a front/ back view ref Best example: Either reply here, comment via link below, or PM me if you’re interested. (^w^)...
  19. Twiphase3468

    Custom OC Slots are OPEN!

    Want someone to make a new OC for you? Please click below for further information. (^w^) www.furaffinity.net: Custom OC Slots RE-OPEN by Twiphase3468
  20. Twiphase3468

    Half A Dozen OTAs Still OPEN!!! Need $ b4 end of Thursday.

    I currently have around half a dozen OTAs still Open. If you are interested, please click link below. Artwork Gallery for Twiphase3468 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Examples are but not limited to the following below