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  1. Alpine

    Does anyone else here not like fursuits?

    I don't mind seeing them out in public, but I personally don't want one. The idea of wearing it plus the price (especially for a really good one) just aren't attractive enough for me to invest in one.
  2. Alpine

    Open Chat

    Boy I have not been here in a while :D Too much life I guess
  3. Alpine

    Have you ever met a furry IRL by accident?

    Online yes. I've talked to some outside of furry discord servers too, but irl, I haven't met anyone that isn't openly a furry (though I may suspect maybe 1 or 2 may be one). I've seen one person fursuit in public but I just kinda went about my day
  4. Alpine

    Why are some people quick to give up art?

    Some don't have the popularity they were expecting. Some don't have the skills and the feel they won't improve. Some have other occupations and don't have time for much. I have seen a lot of the "I suck compared to so and so and there's no way I'm going to improve": although acknowledging...
  5. Alpine

    Stories or things that make you cringe

    Modern super car fanboys that don't know a damn thing about cars People using the word clip. It's not interchangeable :\ Everyone who posts on the Rockstar Newswire Slow people in the passing lanes People making annoying animal noises The lyrics of mainstream music
  6. Alpine

    Anybody Know how to Set up a Convention

    hehehe...you're not contributing ;) Back on topic though: here's some basic things you'll likely need You're going to need to develop a head network of people to plan everything out. Something like this isn't gonna happen with a one man army planning it You're going to need some startup...
  7. Alpine

    hi there...!

    Welcome to the forums :D
  8. Alpine

    The most toxic game communities

    GTA V/Online: Absolute stage 10 cancer mixed in with diabetus and AIDS. If you haven't seen R* newswire comments and/or support posts, don't. You'll want to down a gallon of bleach after seeing how absolutely cringy they are.
  9. Alpine

    I think we have reached the lowest level

    I've seen porn of bread so this isn't that surprising to me but this is definitely necessary
  10. Alpine

    Car or Fursuit?

    You could always get a crown Vic and a partial :D
  11. Alpine

    I'm Bored, Ask me Something....

    you DID say you were bored :p
  12. Alpine

    15 Types of Artist

    I'd have to say I am mostly number 4 when it comes to (visual) art I want to do and definitely number 3 when it comes to doing requests ;)
  13. Alpine

    I'm Bored, Ask me Something....

    If your FWD car weighs 3000 lbs unladen, has a weight distribution of 55%, and has a wheelbase of 115 inches, what is the front axle to sprung body CG distance? Assume your correction factors for front and rear are 0.12 and 0.13 respectively Have fun :)
  14. Alpine

    Hi! I'm new and I have a few questions if you don't mind answering?

    Some people are more likely than others to be triggered over nonsense (I am nowhere near one of those people), so as long as you're not being a total ass then you should be fine :D
  15. Alpine

    Hi! I'm new and I have a few questions if you don't mind answering?

    IMO its notably better than Skype, mostly because it has bots, it's significantly faster, custom emojis, and the good ole Microsoft Sam quality text to speech. Skype has video chatting, but Discord has voice chat that allows bots to play music at the same time. I'd recommend it (even over...
  16. Alpine

    Hi! I'm new and I have a few questions if you don't mind answering?

    Welcome! There's plenty of Discord, Skype, similar servers and chat rooms that other members usually advertise elsewhere on the forums. Most everyone is pretty nice here so making friends should be easy as you post more :)
  17. Alpine

    illustrate my furry for me?

    Upload the sketch somewhere (Like the mainsite, imgur, etc) then paste the image link, or click the 'Upload a File' button and choose the file to upload. Note the 'Upload a File' method has a pretty low memory limit, so I'd recommend uploading the picture on a site and pasting the link
  18. Alpine

    illustrate my furry for me?

    It would help if you posted the sketch (the image or a link to it) :)
  19. Alpine

    Thinking of changing my fursona a little.

    You should at least give it a shot to see if you like the change. If not, you could try separating it into two sonas instead I'm just gonna leave this here since a lot of people seem to like that third option ;) CheckMyPrivilege