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  1. Monak

    Iron Artist: 10 slots open

    I am trying to raise some funds for a trip I am taking next month so I have expanded the field of commission types I am offering for my Iron Artist Challenge. For more details see journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1713686/
  2. Monak

    Digital Portraits: $15-$30

    So I am offering 8 slots for highly detailed digital portraits. I am offering two types. The first would be like this: A monochromatic digital sketch that is fully detailed- $15 The Second offer: A fully colored and fully detailed digital painting- $30 If you would like to fill a...
  3. Monak

    OPEN: Ten $5 Ink slots

    If you are interested note me or comment here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1459276/
  4. Monak


    I am offering some Quick Pencil drawings to try and raise some cash. I am offering said drawings for 2.50 each , and I am willing to ink them up for only 4 dollars. I am cutting my prices cause I need to get a couple things done , and don't get paid again until Christmas day. I just don't have...
  5. Monak


    ............................ well at 1:47 AM it is.......... but still. *does happy dance*
  6. Monak

    Stargate Universe?

    This is definately a thread for the Sci-fi nuts out there. Even though we are losing a great spinoff to an even greater Sci-fi series , we are gaining a new one. Though Stargate Universe does sound rather corny from what they have said of it so far I really am holding out on forming an opinion...
  7. Monak

    My kitty has worms.....

    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of a relatively cheap but effective dewormer for felines? I have five cats , but have only noticed the worms in one , though I want to give it to all of them just to be on the safe side.
  8. Monak

    Commissions Reopened!

    I am back from vacation and have reopened commissions , all 10 slots are open and waiting , so if you want something please note me on here or on my FA page. I am no longer money hungry so all mishies will be done on the cheap for now. Art: Sketch:$5 ink:$8 full digital color:$10 1.Empty...
  9. Monak

    God bless you , you rich SOB!

    I have a trust fund! After all the shit that has gone wrong I found out I have a trust fund! My great uncle left a trust in his will to pay for all of my grandfather's grandchildren to go to college. No matter how much the school costs it will be paid for. I really can't believe it ...
  10. Monak

    Good deeds you've regretted?

    We all have something in our nature that sometimes just forces us to do the right thing. Though at a later date sometimes you just wish you had been bad. So I want to know have you ever done a good deed that you later regretted? If so what was said deed and why do you regret doing it? I...
  11. Monak

    Illustrator CS3?

    How much better is it then Photoshop? Easier to use for drawing?
  12. Monak

    Back to digital

    In an effort to further reach my goal of 400-500 dollars for a trip to see my fiancee I have managed to get back to digital capability and am once again offering full digital commissions. Only ten dollars for a basic single character piece , five dollars for additional characters and 2.50 for...
  13. Monak


    The assholes at Sci-Fi have axed yet another great TV show in the middle of the mother fucking plot. First it was Farscape , then it was Stargate SG-1 and now ........... NOW THEY DROP THE HAMMER ON ATLANTIS! THOSE DIRTY ROTTEN MOTHER FUCKERS SHOULD BURN IN HELL! "Oh we will never make the...
  14. Monak


    Selling off a massive stockpile of Rubberband balls I have made over the years in a continued effort to raise money for a trip to go see my fiancee who I haven't seen in five months. Baseball sized balls for 3 dollars plus 3 dollars for shipping And my left nut (beach ball sized 30...
  15. Monak

    Help a fellow fur in need

    I hate seeming so desperate , but the truth is I am so I ask you all to please read my journal post and help if you can. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/431503/
  16. Monak

    A plea to my fellow FAers

    So I have after a week of commissions and several more around the corner I am finding myself still a far cry from my goal , and so FA I come to you in search of help. I am stuck in the state of Maine caring for both of my parents and barely make enough money to stay afloat and care for them...
  17. Monak

    Super gay letter in the mail

    I applied for citizenship to Australia as soon as I turned 18 and now that I have a fiancee and a semi put together life they approve me. That is so not fair , when I wanted to get out and just leave this life behind they say no , but now that I have a life they say yes. Has anyone else...
  18. Monak

    Wallpaper Virus

    I feel like a total noob for asking , but does anyone know how to get rid of a wallpaper virus? My desktop wallpaper is blue with a little yellow box with a spyware warning in it , I know it is a virus I just have no idea how to get rid of the damn thing. My computer seems to be pretty badly...
  19. Monak

    Detailed pencil drawings

    I am trying to make my way down south for a couple of weeks and really need to raise some extra cash to do so. I am offering fully detailed pencil drawings for 5 dollars and I am taking as many commissions as anyone is willing to buy. I can draw basically anything you wish me to if I am given...
  20. Monak

    Fursonas that just wouldn't work or you wouldn't want to be

    I have always wondered if there was something that just wouldn't fit to well for being a furry. The one thing that comes to mind is a male praying mantis. I mean it might work for the vore crowd , but who would want to have a fursona that needs its face bitten of to get aroused. So I want to...