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    A REMINDER THAT PEOPLE LIKE ARTICLE RELATED WHAT TO SILENCE YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE DIFFERENTIATING OPINIONS AND/OR BECAUSE YOUR WHITE. www.buzzfeed.com: These Furries Want You To Know They Hate Fascism Too God forbid furry conventions turn into massive brawls like that rally in Sacramento.
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    RMFC puts it's foot in its mouth

    This blog was posted a week ago, but Twitter has just discovered it. mysticaltrus.blogspot.com: Leopard Spots and Foxy Thoughts: I'm Sick of this Crap, so I'm Saying Something.... I don't know much about the furry riders or Nazi furs in general. I always thought they were a bunch of LARPers...
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    I hate this fandom

    I joined this fandom because every thing I saw looked cool. The art, the fursuits, the music, the performance and of course the porn. Its just all so interesting and exciting and I hope to make my own art some day. There are plenty artist and furries out their that I see as inspiring and have...
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    Why am I here

    be me no money no job still lives with parents no gf/bf worried about health tech e-literate email hacked recently parents try to support me but I feel like I'm being yelled at no talent or skills to speak of tell me, why am I alive?
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    bye bye fursuit parade

    Why are so meany cons ditching the fursuit parade? Its become such a staple at Furry conventions, just look at Anthocon this year. Why would they throw away such a defined feature?
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    Kemono Community

    Discuss Japanese furry artists. Is there some kind of community for English-speaking kemono fans, anyways?
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    Signs that the artist also draws porn

    Would a supposed clean non furry artist draw something like this? Who are they trying to fool?
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    The ruskies are at it again

    Lets be honest, the wolf is the best.
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    Furry murder

    17 year old furry murders her parents with 2 other furries. Her parents were also furries. http://ktla.com/2016/09/25/2-suspects-teen-girl-in-custody-in-fullerton-triple-murder-case-police/
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    one week faggots!

    I'll just leave this here
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    What music makes you feel?

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    Has noone seen this yet?

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    This is a forum introduction

    Now go away.
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    I don't know whether to laugh or cry

    Hidden Figures is an upcoming movie about the African American physicist and mathematician Katherine Johnson. She has calculated the trajectories of many NASA space missions from Project Mercury all the way to the 1969 Apollo 11 launch. Hidden Figures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hidden...