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  1. Slowspider

    Hiring: Anthro furry predator armor character design.

    And I have open commissions, you can see my drawings on my Instagram, Tumblr or twitter: (Blue) Slowspider. EI can't send the files here because it's too much, but I hope I can work with you, if you like my drawings, I'm sure it's within your budget.
  2. Slowspider

    I need help with something not so important

    Good night to all the furry asses in this forum. I wanted to place an order, I need $5 to complete an amount and buy a male bird, is anyone willing to make this donation? I can make a Clean-Lineart for anyone who can help me. This is an example of my trait, I'm also making commissions for...
  3. Slowspider

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: selling oc pony - emergency

    so my display burned out, so i'm doing this emergency sale, this is Cyberdust. I'm selling it at 70. I also make commissions.
  4. Slowspider

    Hiring: ($15+) Looking for a new OC

    Eu tenho este, estou vendendo por 55, mas posso fazer por 25
  5. Slowspider

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Auction of an authorial equine character

    the character is not finished yet but I'm working on it, I intend to finish the auction five days after the completion of the drawing, if after the time I'm stipulating there isn't any bid I'll fix a price and leave it as an adopt in my instagram. anyway, i would like to leave as starting price...
  6. Slowspider

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Selling Private Breed Headshots

    Good afternoon, as I said in the title, I am selling these OCs for 15$ each, if you are interested, call me on my FA, it has the same name as this one. I am willing to write an entire publication about the species for those interested. I also have examples of the base species, and the hybrid...
  7. Slowspider

    I'm selling these headshots of a private race

    I'm selling these nekoripa hybrid headshots with ponies and unicorns, if you pay me an extra 20$ for the character I'll do the conceptual body design too, or you can ask for a character commission separately according to the table, call me at fa messages if you're interested I intend to give the...
  8. Slowspider

    (Other) Selling: I am auctioning an OC as I am in need of money.

    You mean I better work on my profile first before I start trying to sell then? i think i can do that.
  9. Slowspider

    (Other) Selling: I am auctioning an OC as I am in need of money.

    OPeople don't pay much attention to my FA, anyway, thanks for the tip, I was wanting to sell this one right there... So I didn't think it would be a problem, literally having it in front...
  10. Slowspider

    (Other) Selling: I am auctioning an OC as I am in need of money.

    VI'll have to draw more of her so, because I only have this drawing of her, now, if you're talking about commissions, I'm practically in every hiring pub, posting my gallery on the drive
  11. Slowspider

    (Other) Selling: I am auctioning an OC as I am in need of money.

    OHer name is RedSpring, I don't know if it's worth it, but the initial value will be 10$ (Honestly, I need 30 but I couldn't sell for that amount, I don't know how much it would be worth) It is a Hybrid of Serval with lion, I can give you more information in the private after purchase, I don't...
  12. Slowspider

    Disillusionment of a more than amateur freelance artist

    There I was, at 1:30AM, I had just gotten up to drink water, filled the bottles and left my phone I had just discharged to pick up a load. As soon as I was done, I put my phone on, and one strangely curious thing about it is that I only get email messages when I plug in the charger. I've been...
  13. Slowspider

    Hiring: ($150+) Feral to feral TF artist needed!

    I'm interested, here is my portfolio. I don't have drawings of ferals, but if you show references I believe I can do it for you. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1nNjqsOVwXs38pZhIKA6axRCJ6GedRP5C You can ask me the prices in private, but they are no more than 60$
  14. Slowspider

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Reserving the c to sell after finalizing

    I'm selling an oc that I'm doing, the point is that it's not finished yet, so I'm wondering if anyone wants to book it. I'm looking to sell it right after it's finished and would like to keep in touch with interested parties, that's enough time for you to raise the money you need to buy it...
  15. Slowspider

    Discover your fursona

    Hi, good afternoon, I'm in need of money, and I had an idea that might be of interest to those who don't have any furson yet, I was thinking of making a list of questions to discover the fursona that best suits you, in terms of race, appearance and personality. I would be willing to provide...
  16. Slowspider

    Hiring: ($75+) (SFW) Looking for an artist who'll draw my OC as a DJ/Music Producer

    Eu preciso desse trabalho, I'm in need of this job, and I'm interested in drawing for you https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1nNjqsOVwXs38pZhIKA6axRCJ6GedRP5C
  17. Slowspider

    Seeking Negotiable Artists for Commission!

    I'm interested, you can call me on my Discord, I'll show you only drawings there and prices: Nekoripa#2903
  18. Slowspider

    How Did Your Journey As A Furry Begin?

    Sempre gostei de peles, para falar a verdade, passei a conhecê-los por causa da minha imensa quantidade de fetiches, embora eu tenha I've always liked furrys, honestly speaking, I got to know them because of my vast amount of fetishes, although I have many breeds that I hate, like wolves, foxes...
  19. Slowspider

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: I need to sell this urgently, for a sentimental reason

    Look, this is a very urgent conversation, I had a cockatiel chick, which was male, but I was looking for a female, I went to change the cockatiel for a female, but after having already changed, I regretted it, I went to give it back to get mine and they didn't want to give it back because...