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  1. Evandeskunk

    Links for online books

    HELP! I need to find oedipus the king online. Not the original though. I'm looking for the one by bernard knox. This is for an essay that I have to finish by tonight.
  2. Evandeskunk

    Ska thread

    I had to make one eventually, lol. Hope to get people, who aren't familiar with it, get to know it better :D. Im sure this thread won't get far, but whatever. Thread pretty much about anything that relates to Ska. List favorite songs List people you've met list new or old bands 1st...
  3. Evandeskunk

    Oh hell, Why not.

    hello, I am somewhat a new user to this forum and thought why not make an intro. I am 15, male and my fursona is a skunk. Im into the net but not as into video games on consoles as everyone I know think. The kind of music I like is Ska. I dont like rap or pop. So cya around the forums...