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  1. Micshork

    Furry and Dating

    Hello. I wanted to create this thread for two purposes. One, to ask for my own personal advice from people, and Two, to help others who might have this problem and might want to discuss this issue with each other. I want to hear how YOU (The reader of this post) maintain a Healthy relationship...
  2. Micshork

    Being a Furry/Fursuiter and Dating?

    Hello, I am not 100% a Furry but am very involved with facebook communities. I might become one someday. I just wanted to know how you deal with dating/romance while also being a Furry or dressing up in fursuits. I am a Guy and I am into Girls. If I were to date someone while being a furry...
  3. Micshork

    How difficult is a Fursuit?

    I was wanting to know how difficult it is to move around in a fursuit, how hot that can be, how difficult it is to communicate in them, how expensive suits can be and the difficulty of doing day to day activities in the suits are and a couple other things. MY ideal Fursuit would be a Full-Body...