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  1. babykitty

    The Creative Insult Game

    No wonder you're a stray, you only two words.
  2. babykitty

    Critique Fetish-Tel

    I'd really appreciate it if someone critique Fetish-Tel as a whole. It's a series where I took a few characters who aren't in my prefered kinks and focus them into it. Chapter 1 is just setting up the premise, 2 and 3 were diaperfur stuff, and chapter 4 is plushification and gore. You can pretty...
  3. babykitty

    The Creative Insult Game

    I can't tell if your avatar is a bird or a black Wobbuffet.
  4. babykitty

    Any Good Gore Stories

    An upcoming chapter of one my stories has a gory scene of a character getting torn apart and restitched into a plush toy for a child. Does anyone know of any good gore stories (on the main site or elsewhere) that I can use for reference?
  5. babykitty

    What do you guys use to make thumbnails?

    I've seen stories on FA using custom made thumbnails for their stories, what software or program do you guys use for it. Kinda tired of having to search for screenshots when wanting to post online.
  6. babykitty

    Writing cliches you find annoying.

    Characters who treated like heroes for solving the problem they created. You defeated an army of zombies and saved the world with a vaccine from the virus you created, congrats. Now here's a pair of handcuffs, you're going to jail for reckless endangerment 0f the entire problem. This also...
  7. babykitty

    Vent Thread

    I finally got a job after a year of unemployment and want to quit. After only working 3 days. Last night, I nearly cried in my car because I legs fucking hurt and I felt like I was gonna overheat at least twice. I really don't want to go back there in a few hours.
  8. babykitty

    The Creative Insult Game

    Says the guy brushing his tooth in the tub.
  9. babykitty

    is there's a better term for....femboy?

    There's always tomgirl.
  10. babykitty

    Vent Thread

    Because of circumstances beyond my control, my life is now on hold.
  11. babykitty

    I wish to link my stories

    Learn something new everyday.
  12. babykitty

    I wish to link my stories

    It's html coding. If I remember correctly, it should be <a href="www.furaffinity.net: A Liger's Unsated Hunger for McNuggets by babykitty">next</a>.
  13. babykitty

    Should I do story commissions?

    I know that isn't the best way of going about things. I just don't want to delude myself nor do I want any post saying "hun, I've seen your writing quality. No one would pay you for that". Also, I'm not really good at anything.
  14. babykitty

    Should I do story commissions?

    Admittedly, I'm not the best writer. I don't even think I'm any good at this at all. However, current circumstances in my life prevent me from looking for a job. Right now, I'm in desperate need of cash and since the only thing I can do is write - mind you terribly - nevertheless, I'm still...
  15. babykitty

    Compliment the person above you!

    I wanna hug you.
  16. babykitty

    Vent Thread

    I'm well aware of those worst off then me. In a lot of ways, it makes me feel worst, not grateful, for my situation. Everyday, imagining how others with drive, passion, skill, and talent would excel in my shoes. Meanwhile, I can't even get a job because my degree might as well not exist. As well...
  17. babykitty

    Vent Thread

    To keep mine short and simple, I wasted my earlier years doing nothing important to prepare myself for the future. Went to college, graduated with no debt (thanks dying relative's insurance), have no job experience. The only job I've had lasted a month and the job I was hired for informed the...
  18. babykitty

    What is the story behind your fursona's creation?

    Lonely and living everyday feeling like shit and doing nothing to better myself for the future, I made Rakita Valrunt now Azalea Gato to be a self-insert Mary Sue. Everything I couldn't do, she was and did it a BILLION TIMES better than I ever could.