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  1. Evandeskunk

    The Anti-Pony Thread!

    I try to laugh at those, but all that comes out are pity laughs.
  2. Evandeskunk

    The Zero F**ks Given Thread

    I wish I can waste my time here not giving a fuck, but I'm too busy not giving fucks about everything else right now.
  3. Evandeskunk

    What Are You Listening To?

  4. Evandeskunk

    What were your school mascots? Did you hate them?

    My school has a pirate. Pretty interesting, actually. Because my school was near pearl harbor, there where a few crashed planes near by. We got the mascot when they found a marauder plane that crashed during the time. Not sure which side it fought for, though.
  5. Evandeskunk


    I'm going to give the series another go.
  6. Evandeskunk

    Epic Meal Time: Candy Pizza

    I can just taste the diabetes in every bite.
  7. Evandeskunk

    Illusion: Grotesque faces

    Ha, I cheated, I crossed my eyes like I do with 3d vids.
  8. Evandeskunk

    Looking for a few good Men

    Damn it, I came here for the movie.
  9. Evandeskunk

    What Are You Listening To?

    eB5EE42So7I These guys are amazing.
  10. Evandeskunk

    What made you smile today?

    It should, I mean, you smile when you laugh most of the time.
  11. Evandeskunk

    Does anyone like role-playing?

    I think it would be something like that family guy episode. You know, the one with the serial killer's invisible wife.
  12. Evandeskunk

    What made you smile today?

    The Kung Fu hustle scene where the 2 street thugs try to take out the old lady with the knives. Gets me everytime. 9QBF-uqqF1M
  13. Evandeskunk

    Steam Username List

  14. Evandeskunk

    If there was a war of the furs...

    Ever some kind of war, I'd hide in my house, or go with the military to take me to some kind of camp for protection. I am a pussy, and I could give a fuck about who wins or loses. Living is priority number one for me. Well, this is my plan for nuclear holocausts and zombie invasions, too.
  15. Evandeskunk


    It's "Am I an* awesome person?*" Anyways, welcome.
  16. Evandeskunk

    Crazy People... like literally

    There's this old guy I pass buy and hope to avoid when I walk home from school. Whenever I meet him, he says some crazy gibberish, so I just smile, say hello, then walk away. Part of me is creep'd out by him, another sad about his senility, and another thinking about how much of a hell his life is.
  17. Evandeskunk

    Crazy People... like literally

    Well, there is a crazy guy at my school. Well, not really crazy, just a bit off :/ He looks like an elementary kid, but really, he's in 11th grade. His lies about him "getting some" was so off that I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know how it works. Speaking of lies, he lies about everything he...
  18. Evandeskunk

    Gibby Claus - Giving free copies of Killing Floor.

    Damn it, if I was here earlier...
  19. Evandeskunk


    Well, I tried reading the series, but it just doesn't seem to capture my attention. I left off when I got to naming the girl. Is there a certain point I can skip up to?
  20. Evandeskunk

    Dr. Pepper sues... Dr. Pepper?

    Doesn't cherry Dr Pepper count as a variation?