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    Phone suggestions?

    My poor Moto G has to be put on speakerphone in order to reliably communicate via phone call. I've put up with it for several months now, but I probably ought to start lookin' for a replacement. I'm really more of a software guy, so I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to the latest and...
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    Post Your Desktop Wallpaper; Share with the Class

    Looks like I couldn't bump the one-pager from 2012 even if I wanted to, so here's a brand spankin' new thread. Have at it!
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    And this... Is an introduction thread.

    [/snow poff reference] Hey all! Finally decided to make an account today. (Actually, I had forgotten that using the forums requires a separate account from the main site until I wandered in this morning, but same difference I s'pose.) I was first linked to FA by some pals from another community...