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  1. babykitty

    Critique Fetish-Tel

    I'd really appreciate it if someone critique Fetish-Tel as a whole. It's a series where I took a few characters who aren't in my prefered kinks and focus them into it. Chapter 1 is just setting up the premise, 2 and 3 were diaperfur stuff, and chapter 4 is plushification and gore. You can pretty...
  2. babykitty

    Any Good Gore Stories

    An upcoming chapter of one my stories has a gory scene of a character getting torn apart and restitched into a plush toy for a child. Does anyone know of any good gore stories (on the main site or elsewhere) that I can use for reference?
  3. babykitty

    What do you guys use to make thumbnails?

    I've seen stories on FA using custom made thumbnails for their stories, what software or program do you guys use for it. Kinda tired of having to search for screenshots when wanting to post online.
  4. babykitty

    Should I do story commissions?

    Admittedly, I'm not the best writer. I don't even think I'm any good at this at all. However, current circumstances in my life prevent me from looking for a job. Right now, I'm in desperate need of cash and since the only thing I can do is write - mind you terribly - nevertheless, I'm still...
  5. babykitty

    Anyone Ever Feel Not Good Enough

    This was posted on my FA, Inkbunny, and DeviantArt page, but I'm curious either way to what others think. I've also modified it to better suit this post. While working on some stories, updating current stories and writing a new one, I reflected over my years of writing. About 9-12 years or so...
  6. babykitty

    Critique Request: The Connection that Binds Us ch.1

    So I decided to rewrite one of my EVER stories. A really shitty self-insert fanfic where I am the daughter of Rita and Runt from Animaniacs. This is mostly being rewritten to pay respects to my original story that sort of started everything. More information as why this happened here and the...
  7. babykitty

    Quit drawing and I feel great about it

    Tried learning to draw after having an image stuck in my head for months. I did it, last pic in my gallery, and I HATED every moment. I hate the way it looks, the proportions, EVERYTHING about is just BAD! I thought of trying again but, the sketchpad I drew in is filled with me saying terrible...