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  1. Queen Brie

    Kero the wolf is back????

    Saw on twitter this zoophile is back on social media. WTF??? How do you feel about it?
  2. Queen Brie

    Hi! (Forgot to post this)

    Like the title says, I didn't know I was supposed to or didn't find this section until now. New to the fandom and joined the forums earlier this week. Super open to messages telegram, discord, here, or even twitter.
  3. Queen Brie

    Rat Mischief Virtual Meet Up

    You see a lot of foxes and wolves or other bushy-tailed cuties but I don't see a lot of other rattos here :( any lovely scale tailed friends here? (Possums and mice and the like are close enough and totes okay!)
  4. Queen Brie

    Slim Paws Guide/Help?

    Looking to build my own fursuit but when looking for the gloves everything is usually puffy puppy paws (which are adorable) but they don't fit with the suit I have in mind. Does anyone know how to create slim paws w/ claws or know of any good sources/patterns that I can use? I looked up with...