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  1. MichaelFoster

    Fun. song on Expedia.com commercial!

    So I was watchin the tube and this Expedia.com commercial comes on with a karaoke version of "Walking the dog" by Fun. I almost jizzed my pants when it came on. It's not much to talk about, but since Fun. is such a badass band I thought it deserved a thread.
  2. MichaelFoster

    Anybody wanna play Red Dead Redemption on Xbox live?

    My gamertag is MicFoster. I get on pretty much everyday, so if anybody wants to get on multiplayer send me a friend request.
  3. MichaelFoster

    Bring Me The Horizon's new album.

    I was reading Rock Sound magazine's interview with Oli Sykes about Bring me the Horizon's upcoming fourth album. Oli talked a lot about Suicide Season being a succesful album that gave them a signature sound. Personally, I'm not too crazy about that album, and most Bring Me The Horizon fans...
  4. MichaelFoster

    Things to do on the last day of school

    Hurry guys! 1 day of school left. I'm a sophmore and I need something shwack to do before schools out! I'm exempt from my exams so tommorow will be my last day!
  5. MichaelFoster

    Zombie Foxes: Da Bomb like tick-tick

    Not sure about your species? Be a zombie fox. Not sure about your sexuality? Cut your dick off and jump off a bridge.
  6. MichaelFoster

    A Beautiful Childhood

    The 90's...back when there were good...no...Amazing songs on the radio. What the hell happened?! When I say 90's mostly mean the late 90's, very early 00's, ya know, like "No Rain" by Blind Melon, or "Run-Around" by Blues Traveler? You'd never hear that on pop radio anymore. I mean "Baby Got...
  7. MichaelFoster

    The most Beautiful lyrics...

    Can anybody help me find them? I'll throw mine in. Johnny wanna be a big star Get on stage and play the guitar Make a little money, buy a fancy car Big old house and an alligator Just to match with them alligator shoes He's a rich man so he's no longer singing the blues He's singing...
  8. MichaelFoster

    I love the new millinium: 2009

    What's the best and/or most important thing to come out of this year? Obama? Michael Jackson? The Snuggie?