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  1. MarquisofGIF

    Marquis's GIFs and animation services shop - All to $5

    WELCOME!! Hello and thank you for stopping by here, Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wanted to see your fursona or your OCs alive? Sure fan art would be awesome but how bout if you see him/her breathing, fighting, doing something in a loop or even talk? Well, seek no further, In Marquis...
  2. MarquisofGIF

    Pioneers of Tomorrow

    This will not be a wall of text, this is, however, a simple thoguht about ourselves as internet users and our future. First and foremost, have you heard your parents when they talk about their times? the 50s, 60s etcetera? What about us? How are we going to be in the future as internet users...
  3. MarquisofGIF

    Let's talk about long distance relationships

    Furry brothers and furry sisters, today i would like to talk about something that is the product technology and feelings: Long distance relationships, if you don't wanna read the whole topic read the questions and let us know your opinion. How good are they? Is in our human nature to always...
  4. MarquisofGIF

    Let's talk about Depression and Technology

    Hello my fellow furries, today i been thinkng about an issue that i've seen it has been present for the last 3 years, probably more, now first and foremost i'm a internet person, i'm into the internet whenever i have a pc on front of me and i've seen on Facebook, in some forums and webpages that...
  5. MarquisofGIF

    Travel to the Furry world and then never return

    Okay so i have a tricky question: Let's imagine that for some reason there scientist discover that there's a infinite number of parallel universes, some bend the logic and others shouldn't exists. From all those alternative worlds there's one where the world is dominated by anthropomorfic...
  6. MarquisofGIF

    What does the avatar above you smells?

    Can you figure out? The user above you has a smell? what could it be? rotten eggs? vanila ice cream? perfume?
  7. MarquisofGIF

    Choose a theme song for the avatar above you

    you can put links and see what type of music would suit him/her the best
  8. MarquisofGIF

    Where would you bite the person above you?

    Which part of his/her body would you bite and why?
  9. MarquisofGIF

    The User above you is your maid/servant What would you order him/her

    The user above you now has became your servant, you must choose a task to him/her to do to you
  10. MarquisofGIF

    Recolor the avatar above you

    Look at the user above you and say what color their avatars would fit better
  11. MarquisofGIF

    What would be the theme of your fursona or OCs?

    Can you provide a link of the theme of your characters?
  12. MarquisofGIF

    Painful procedure to turn you into the furry creature you always wanted to! would you?

    I have now another question, I'ts a bit tricky so pay attention. Let's imagine that scientist discover a method to create hybrids between humans and animals, and the results are like the ones you usually see in furry art: Complex, delicious, strong perfect antropomorfic creature. Obviously...
  13. MarquisofGIF

    If you could bend the rules of reality and have 7 wishes, What would you ask?

    Alright folks, i have a tricky question, let's imagine that for some reason you have the power to ask 7 wishes that have no limit whatsoever, tell me, if you can change reality with those wishes, what would you ask?
  14. MarquisofGIF

    Greetings my Furry Fellows

    Let me introduce myself, my name Is Marquis of GIFs or simply Marquis, because i do make Gifs and small animation clips, animation is my passion, my religion. I'm a gentle anthropomorfic tiger who is very friendly, social ,generious and overall happy, i hope i can meet other furry to get alongm...