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  1. ditta_ragdoll

    Free Art: art giveaway|| NSFW art|| Femdomme thread

    It's almost my birthday, so I would like to treat myself to some self indulgent art. I need me some good femmedom! and their subby pegging doodles to have fun with <3 please leave your refs, a preferred outfit, and your partners refs! Please make sure you got consent from your subby before you...
  2. ditta_ragdoll

    Free Art: SINDAY SINDAY SINDAY (NSFW Giveaway thread)||all genders open|| Seriously tread with caution|| RESSURECTION!

    Heeeeeyoooo! It's The one and Only Tentacle Mom, comin at you from a brand spanking new computer! Getting used to the new screen ratio from tablet to big ass monitor has been a suffering, and I'm goddamn tired of drawing basic ass studies. After my old baby got fried. (Rest in Peace my...
  3. ditta_ragdoll

    (Commission) Selling: Tentacle Mom's Sin Hole || Art shop thread || nsfw material specialty||$5-$100

    So, you're stuck inside with absolutely nothing to do. Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone do some art for you, specifically something Seasonally appropriate? Enter me, An artist who has a little bit of time on her hands. Not as much as some, courtesy of being an "Essential Employee" of the...
  4. ditta_ragdoll

    Free Art: ~Tentacles~

    Hi, hi! I'm playing about with doing more free range smut and I need more willing victims! Most of my friend circle has subjected themselves to it, and I need fresh holes! IF you want to subject your Sona to something lewd, come hit me up! I'm building up material to make my own artist tag on...
  5. ditta_ragdoll

    Taking requests of All kinds|| sfw &nsfw || Quid Pro Quo || slots depend on my AP

    I got a four day weekend for once! Thank the lords, praise be etc! To honor the occasion I'd like to take some requests! As ever since it's requests and free I'm not gonna go HAM unless the muse moves me! I mean there is one way to make sure, but that entails hiring me, and this isn't the...
  6. ditta_ragdoll

    practice lighting sketches| probably tasteful nudes|| RESSURECTION OF THREAD|| 3 slots

    Doing a few tasteful nudes before I go start sewing for the night! Toss your babe and their refs in the thread! As always, people who have not gotten freebies from me before will get priority if there is a limited amount of availability! Samples to see if you want me to go near your character...
  7. ditta_ragdoll

    First come first serve (couples art)

    Single slot of a couples piece, since I'm playing around with a new style and a few new tools on my art program. If you've gotten something from me before, someone who hasn't will get priority. Please leave Ref for you and your partner in your post! Ferals welcome, NSFW is fine too, but...
  8. ditta_ragdoll

    practice lighting sketches| probably tasteful nudes|| RESSURECTION OF THREAD!

    See title. Kinna bored, and wanna draw happy loungey people. Lewd will probably happen tomorrow when I start my birthday thread. Please include ref links if you happen to ask!
  9. ditta_ragdoll

    Breaking in a new computer chair (2 slots of Line art with flat color)

    My husband was kind enough to get my sad booty a new computer chair, so now it's time to stress test! I'm gonna do two long haul projects to see how it treats my back! There will only be two slots, so Post quickly if you want it! SFW and NSFW are being accepted so long as you provide the refs...
  10. ditta_ragdoll

    Streaming! Drop your refs here or drop by!

    Picarto.TV - Kuritan's Channel Will be doing a request thread, NSFW is always an option, but my streams are always marked due to nudity! I'll start when I finish up with dinner! Drop by and say hi!
  11. ditta_ragdoll

    Subjects for nsfw sketch/lighting practice

    Doing some excersizes with lighting/pose for shits and giggles, Leave refs for your babe and you! THIS IS A TWO CHARACTER FEMALE/MALE SET UP. Poses will be various Femdom set ups, so bear that in mind before you submit yourself! (pun intended) 100% will probably be pegging. Because It's fun...
  12. ditta_ragdoll

    art give away thread|BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY| Part 3 RETURN OF THE BOOTY

    Booty thread is ressurected! Same rules apply! If you've gotten a freebie bef0re, someone else get's priority, and don't be shitty in the thread! Please thanks!
  13. ditta_ragdoll

    New Year together sale!| discount for winter themed couples art| 5 slots| $10

    If you want a chance to have art of you and your honey together for your new year, I'm offering a discount for it! No one should have to ring in the new year alone! I'm going to mark down a few slots for lineart and flat color with a second character to half price! Two characters for lineart and...
  14. ditta_ragdoll

    Art stream! many more slots| open|Bust shots

    I'm gonna do another art stream! Smol patch of rules however. If you have gotten a request out of me before, and someone else wants the slot, the person who has not gotten yet will get priority. Level of color/ time/ devotion depends upon my energy as these will be freebies. Stream will...
  15. ditta_ragdoll

    Other artists...

    I doubt I'm the only anemic artist around here.... How many other of you wind up with cold extremities while your doing your thing? How do ya'll set yourselves up so your feet don't go cold when you're drawing? I know at present I've got a sleeping bag, with a heating pad at the bottom...
  16. ditta_ragdoll

    |open|paused| Possibly nsfw |sketches|Bootybootybooty| PART 2 RETURN OF THE BOOTY

    IT'S TIME FOR A BOOTY THREAD YA'LL! At least for like three characters. I have an urge to draw butts, and that is all. Will probably be sketches unless the booty moves me especially. If people ask, I may stream it, cause I'm bored as all get out ya'll.
  17. ditta_ragdoll

    Request thread is being streamed! Come say hi, stay for a doodle! |closed|

    Picarto.TV - Kuritan's Channel Fair warning, I always have media player playing, and it will be a wild assortment! IF you can tolerate it, Come say hi, socialize with me, and sneak in a request!
  18. ditta_ragdoll

    Getting back into practice

    It's been a long while since I've set foot/ paw in the furry community, but I missed you weirdos! So bring me your horns,your toe beans, your fluffy tails, your wings! I need some drills to get back into the swing! Oc's are welcome! Fan art as well if you ask!