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  1. stimpy

    Things you do while do drunk?

    What are some thing you while drunk that you do sober. ill stRT -play driving/racing simulators - listen to eurobeat at a loud volume - text my M8's -explore my furry side -post on FAF -listen to MIDIS
  2. stimpy

    (CS:GO) thoughts on new glove case

    what are your thoughts on the new glove case? (My opinion) I really like the the M4A4 Buzz Kill And the Glock-18 ion work .i think the addition of gloves skins is kinda pointless but at the same time kinda cool.
  3. stimpy

    What browser do you use

    what Browser do you use?
  4. stimpy

    Tell us about your Pets

    Tell us about your pets. Do you have a cat? Dog, bird? Dinosaur? I don't know? I'll start... This is my cat stimpy. I got him as a kitten in 2005 and I love him to bits!!
  5. stimpy

    What on earth is this?

    ??? What is this, seems completely irrelevant to anything It translates to "super casino" or something idk