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    Minis terrain

    I didn't see any real place to put in about terrain so I put this here, I have just posted some terrain and would like feedback, if possible. I seem to be better at buildings and caverns, my only "exterior" terrain didn't come out so good, I had to toss it...
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    How do you define yourself?

    How do you define your furrydom? Are you a human who longs to be a beast? Or an animal trapped in the form of man? Do you know? Or do you just like the artwork?
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    Question about where to place a submision

    I have photos of some of my miniatures work as was wondering what to tag them as so I don't fudge the entire system when I put them up by setting the wrong tags. They are D&D terrain for further information if that helps.
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    For you Digilovers

    Part two for your enjoyment http://www.furaffinity.net/view/802190/ :wink:
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    What the snap happened to Fchan?

    I've seems I haven't been able to access it at all for about a week now, WHATS UP WIT DAT??
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    First entry

    *breathes deeply* I have just added my first story http://www.furaffinity.net/view/705728 I hope you like it I really do, although it got good reviews on DHZ they tend to favor Digimon. But here are the people who understand what it's like to have the soul of animal, true furries, and it is...
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    Well here I am

    I am new to fur affinity and originally joined to see the great artwork this place has. But now I am wondering if I should post my lemons here, I'm not sure how many Digifans are here but I was on the Digimon Hentai Zone back when it was up, Sadly the death of that site killed my writing but now...