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    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Can't Change my Avi here or upload photos :(

    When I try to upload photos into my album I'm told that the file is invalid. I'm not sure why. The images are jpg and to this day I don't know a site that doesn't allow jpg images and it seems jpg is always the default permitted file type in fact. NVM my avatar loaded but the images still are...
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    Is there a term for this?

    I just really like images where the focus is a males genitalia being pushed back between his thighs. Is there a term I could use to search to find more art like this? Or anything where the male genitalia are being emphasized (not in size per se) like the male is crouching and his parts are...
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    Darting fur and the resulting 'bald' look

    I started a head and was doing the muzzle. I darted the fur but that made it look really bald. The pile is pretty short. Is this just because of a short pile or an issue with fur in general? I guess with longer pile fur, you could come it over but when I look at heads, the muzzle fur is pretty...
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    How Should I put in the teeth and tongue?

    I have my head finished for the most part. I just need the teeth, tongue and eyes. So yes, it's furred and I've also lined the inside of the mouth with black felt. So so I just like..hot-glue the jawset and tongue into it??
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    Question About Removing 'stolen character' Art

    Just wondering how sites remove art with 'stolen characters' if the character in question isn't filed in the Copyrights office as copyrighted. Even if it's not the character but it's the design sites, FA included, will remove an image if the person who came up with the design complains. But...
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    Is This Presentable?

    This is my very first head and I'm worried I didn't do so well. Of course I'm trying to optimistic so when I looked at it I say "It's not that bad" But I want honest and legit opinions. (please no flaming or being obtuse for the purpose of 'the lulz' or 'being edgy') I haven't yet ordered her...
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    Having a hard time finding stuff to make eyes out of.

    Having used Matrices tutorial, I was instructed to use a flimsy white bowl. For the life of me, I can't find any I can cut. I'm having a hard time finding buckram too. My head is toony so I don't wan resin eyes and I can't order pre-made ones because the eye-holes are...shaped differently...