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  1. Plentyblush

    (Commission) Selling: Cute, Colorful Commissions! ($25-60+)

    Hello all! I'm Plenty, and I've got commissions open! Now that my queue is starting to clear up, I figured I'd post here to share for those who may not be familiar with my work. Below is my pricing guide, some examples, and a link to my Trello queue in which you can see my queue of completed...
  2. Plentyblush

    Big Cat Adoptables!

    Two cuties are available for purchase! Prices are set, and to be paid via paypal invoice. If you're interested, comment for one at the following link: www.furaffinity.net: Neon Kitty Adoptables [OPEN] by plentyblush
  3. Plentyblush

    Tips for a first furry congoer?

    Hello all! I have started making plans to to to TFF (Texas Furry Fiesta) in February of 2018. I plan on rooming with my boyfriend, and some friends he has introduced me to. This will be my first furry convention, though I have been to many anime conventions in the past. I will also be wearing a...
  4. Plentyblush

    Let me draw your fursona!

    Hi, I'm Plentyblush! I recently joined FA and I totally love it. I'm really surprised I haven't joined this sooner. Let me save you some time and cut right to the chase! I hardly have any new furry/anthro art. Everything I used to do is 5+ years old, and that's no good, especially for...
  5. Plentyblush

    $15 Colorful Bust shots

    Hey all! I started these about a month ago and want to add to the collection. Here's my twitter and FA accounts so you can get a hold of me if interested-- I'll check here for comments as well.