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  1. se05239

    Main Site Improving Search Function

    Hello. Been a member of FA for like.. 11 years now (wow) and the search function is still as awful as it was when I joined. My main gripe with it is the limited amount of search results you can find before the search crashes. I think its like 3200 results in total. This causes problem because...
  2. se05239

    "Hello!", I guess.

    I am an anthro artist currently strapped on the worst emotional roller coaster ever invented. I've never been able to amass many watchers of my art, probably due to not actually drawing much fanart or more questionable material. Lack of proper feedback, apart from stray favs and "nice" comments...
  3. se05239

    Question regarding the search function..

    How come you can only view about 3000 images before the site says "error"? If you do a random search for a word, you can only find the oldest/newest but never the things in the middle. Searching for popular/relevant doesn't really give satisfactory results as they suffer from the same issue of...