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  1. Meeew

    If a furry had a child...

    Yes, it means your mentally unstable and should see a psychiatrist. ...or it is indeed a cute thought.
  2. Meeew

    If a furry had a child...

    How does one raise a child as a furry? Buy them a teeny fursuit or something? Take them to conventions? Browse FA alongside them? One would think by the time you have a child and in good standing economically, you'd probably be less active in the fandom.
  3. Meeew

    Is it so wrong to...

    Depends on your definition of wrong. Aside from chaffing and a mess, it's perfectly fine for your health though.
  4. Meeew


    Talk to people I guess I go to community college, so everyone commutes and no one really cares to make friendships.
  5. Meeew

    Psycholoical issue?

    In response to OP. You made a wrong turn at the fork, you are looking for bestiality, not furries.
  6. Meeew

    Do you have any "furry habits" IRL?

    I meow a lot at home, and around other furries. In general public I try keep some restraint though.
  7. Meeew

    Wearing a collar in public?

    Unless you're with other furs, I wouldn't suggest it. There is a time and place to bring props, school and work is not one of them.
  8. Meeew

    What does "furry" need?

    More furmeets. Where I live there is only a monthly one and two conventions a year. I love formal events despite hanging out with furs at least every week.
  9. Meeew

    A discussion on a vital point

    Why would anyone be against yiffing. Assuming yiffing means general sex, then most everybody should support it.
  10. Meeew

    Are most furries veg*n?

    I'm not. Although as a coincidence my species is not either. I think it's silly to try to change your diet because your fursona would not approve.
  11. Meeew

    "Athletic Furries": an Oxymoron?

    I love sweeping generalizations! Obviously all furs are fat and inactive.
  12. Meeew

    To the carnivorous furries

    I rather not have an upset stomach because of poor hygiene at the table.
  13. Meeew

    My Dream & Your Dream.

    It doesn't have to be a dream. You can try to room with other furs by asking at local meets if there is something available. As far as a relationship, it is indeed awesome.
  14. Meeew

    Thoughts on Baby Furs

    As long as they keep themselves clean and don't wear diapers around me I'm perfectly fine with baby furs. I could care less about specific traits of other people's fursonas. All I need to know is species, fur name and if they are local or not.
  15. Meeew

    Is being a furry a phase?

    The older you are the more creepy it is to be a furry basically. I've made some good friends in the community though so as long as I keep those friendships I don't see myself leaving the fandom anytime soon. Although as I grow older I'd probably be a lot more discreet as far as fur suiting goes.
  16. Meeew

    Furry in public?

    Honestly no one cares, and if they do it's only a curiosity.
  17. Meeew

    How much did you spend at a Con?

    Usually hotel + food + con entry = around $200 to $500 depending on rooming costs. I'd say unless your really in to art, you don't need to spend a lot at con. If you go commission crazy it'll pile up quickly though.
  18. Meeew

    furries+alcohol good or bad?

    Alcohol in moderation is always great for a party because people get really silly, and its hilarious.
  19. Meeew

    What if there was a civalization of furries?

    All furries are weird in their own way but I don't think yiff/murr would replace going to work and sustaining a living. As for furries being more depraved then regular society, Megan's list your address, you'll be pleasantly surprised. So in short, theoretically it could probably work...
  20. Meeew

    We Don't Have to go Mainstream, BUT....

    The only reason most furs don't discuss it openly is because it's not mainstream. It is also a vast network of different niches, so trying to explain what "furrydom" is almost impossible without leaving something out. It is also a hobby for most, unless someone asks about it, I believe it's safe...