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  1. SofiMXD

    [10$] PAINTED Bust

    wanna try out different coloring/painting styles , keeping it in the semi-realism style .. before I open them completely and decide on its price , I will take 5 orders for 10$ only any animal based Character is welcome love working with different species .(: you can order a real life animals...
  2. SofiMXD

    Okaris |Auction- 10$

    You can bid here : www.furaffinity.net: Okaris |Auction (OPEN) by SofiMXD Okaris are a closed species by Wolf-SiSi and you may not make your own.
  3. SofiMXD

    [20$]animal portrait [Digital] OPEN 2/2

    new type of commission !! digital portrait based on a photo. Type 1: Type 2: only for personal photos. or photos that have Permission from the person who took them. Type 1: natural colors(keeping it realistic and authentic) |20$ Type 2: unnatural colors(+lightning)| 25$ where to find me...
  4. SofiMXD

    SofiMXD Commissions - digital painting

    some recent commissions >>
  5. SofiMXD

    SofiMXD Commissions - digital painting

    Hey you guys ! :) My name is Sofi and I would love to do some art for you ♥ what can I draw ? ferals: canines, felines, birds.... I am open for trying new animals , just ask ( : payment is through PayPal in USD my work : recent examples 2018>> Updated price list : PRICE-LIST Terms of...