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    Post something you are proud of doing.

    raced against Jasey Jay Anderson at the Canadian Nationals. i didn't get to race him personally, but we were in the same pool, and i got him to sign my helmet :)
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    Let's talk about cars

    I wanna get a 2010 Ford Focus RS, but they don't have them in Canada :(
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    What's your #1 passion?

    Either snowboarding or music. I snowboard more than i play music now, but i'm always listening to something or imagining solos in my head
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    The Kinsey Scale

    0, i can see why some guys might like other dudes, but it's not for me haha
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    Any other snowboarders out there?

    I'm probably moving out to Utah next year so i'll have a longer season, some bigger hills and some better coaching. anybody live out near park city?
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    Any other snowboarders out there?

    I had to travel around a lot to get to most of the races this year, so i finished around may. i only spent about a month on hill here in ontario
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    Any other snowboarders out there?

    Hey guys, i was just thinking about how my season went this year, and thought it would be fun to see how everyone elses season went :) also, does anyone else do alpine snowboarding? i've been trying to find out how much bigger it's been getting since i started 6 years ago
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    Guitarists! What is your weapon?

    I play a bit of guitar but mostly bass. Basses: Ibanez BTB 300FM (Amber, 4-string, older model) http://cachepe.zzounds.com/media/quality,85/brand,zzounds/BTB300FMAMB-9c2e5397135f4a94b8c5ebf1ba731714.jpg Ibanez BTB 775 PB (Dark Red, 5-string, discontinued)...
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    Hi, I've been browsing the site for a bit, and thought I'd join. I don't really know where to start here, so a bit of help here and there would be great :) I've been trying to learn how to draw better, so hopefully I'll get good enough to post some stuff soon.