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  1. Austin Silver

    Fiction writers.

    Anyone here write non-furry work? I’ve noticed some talented writers in my ins and outs, and was just curious. I myself have written mainly non-furry work, my biggest accomplishment was a 250,000 word novel that I burned just for the fun of burning paper. I don’t save my work, or publish it...
  2. Austin Silver

    Card Throwing

    Hello everyone, I have been throwing standard playing cards for about three years now. I must say it is fun to annoy people, give them paper cuts when they piss me off at poker, and chop vegetables in half. How many others out there throw cards as well, and have used Banshees. Was just...
  3. Austin Silver

    Quick question

    I've noticed a separate image on some profiles labeled "profile ID," just wondering what that was for. Thanks!!
  4. Austin Silver


    Wow, I have no life.
  5. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story.

    forums.furaffinity.net: Let's write a story!!! I'm bored.
  6. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story!!!

    Okay. Let's write a story that anyone can add to. There are, however, a few minor rules. It must flow. We will be writing in first person present tense (with the exception of frame narratives). Also, if you're not going to write more than a paragraph, don't write at all. Remember, a...
  7. Austin Silver

    Tell me about yourself

    okay you narcissistic bunch of oddballs. Talk to me. Tell me about yourself...what don't people know about you? 1...2...3...go.
  8. Austin Silver

    Can you answer this?

    here's a novelty question for you all today. What is the state of being surprised? I don't understand how to display that emotion. For example, when someone gives me a gift and I don't know what it is, I am genuinely touched and pleased, but I don't know how to make the giver understand that...