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  1. DrDingo

    Pin Badges

    I see people wearing these things all the time. Coats, jackets, bags, proclaiming their love for the Portal logo and Charmander's face. Not that I'm not guilty of owning them. To my left I've got the zoomed-in faces of the the starter pokemon trio from Kanto staring back up at me, a pokeball, a...
  2. DrDingo

    How many countries have you visited?

    So I was having a chat with a friend today. We were talking about how a surprising amount of people we know have hardly travelled from home at all, and how some people our age haven't even seen the inside of a plane! This got me thinking. How many of you have left your country before, and if so...
  3. DrDingo

    Do you tend to use the same username for everything?

    Some people on here have pretty damn furry names, long names, or even names with special characters! Whilst I'm DrDingo on FA and FAF, this isn't the case for, say, Steam, where I go by a different, non-furry alias. See, I don't have a standard name to call my own. It's all over the place, and I...
  4. DrDingo

    Stress Relief

    It's no secret: we, as humans, all feel like a bucket of crap every once in a while. Whether it's stress from work, social problems, blah-de-blah, it happens. So tell me- What do you people do to get rid of your stress when it arises? I'm talking anything here. Playing games, chatting...
  5. DrDingo

    The Catchphrase Thread

    Do you ever get those times where there's a particular word or phrase you can't help but say over and over again, even without intent? Of course you do! So FAF, what things have you made a habit out of saying? Could be something recent, or something you've said for goddamn ages. Doesn't...
  6. DrDingo

    Popularity of hugs in the furry fandom

    I can't be the only guy here who has noticed, one time or another, that furries seem to be particular fans of hugging. Hell, I've seen FA pages in which people '*hug*' other users in the comments. And this kinda makes me wonder: Why is it that furries embrace hugs so much? Is it to do with their...
  7. DrDingo

    Favourite holiday destinations.

    So it's summer time, and that means that quite a few of us, especially those of us in education, might be enjoying themselves away from home. Thing is, we all have a different idea as to what makes a good holiday. Some of us love to relax, whereas some of us prefer to be climbing mountains or...
  8. DrDingo

    So I made a character recently.

    Eyy! I'm done here now. My sona is nice and shiny and finished. He can be viewed right here on this lovely sparkly ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15653014/ Cheers! UPDATE- JAN 17 2015! Alright, fellas. It's come to that point. So allow me to bug you just one more time. I want to ask...
  9. DrDingo

    Anyone wanna draw a dingo?

    Amidst this fandom filled with drawings and artwork, I've sorta realised that I can tend to spend many days drawing something which looks incredibly flat and just a bit awful; I'm not yet at the age in which I can pay for an art commision, y'see. So, if it's alright with anybody who wants to...
  10. DrDingo

    Inhibitions on cursing

    Alright, so here's a question for all of you. (And no, it's not about how Harry Potter can't cast spells out of Hogwarts) Some people I know swear quite commonly and openly- even loudly-, whilst other people that I've seen rarely- if ever - swear. They might subconsciously say it quietly, as...
  11. DrDingo

    Your Emoticon Habits

    After spending some time on the internet, it's pretty obvious to all of us that different people are fond of using different sorts of emoticons, whereas some people dislike them altogether. Which emoticons do you use quite often, and does the usage vary from place to place on the internet...
  12. DrDingo

    If you went back 1000 Years

    Let's say you time-travelled back to the year 1000. If everybody you met believed what you said without question, what would you say to the people of the past? Would you inform them about technology? Teach them about medicine? Or would you tell them to set up a complex government, abolish...
  13. DrDingo

    If you started a country, what would your flag look like?

    The title says it all, really. If you became the leader of a brand new country, what would be on your flag? Personally, I'd like some purple on my flag, since it is a nice-looking colour that few countries use. Perhaps with some green or yellow to make it look interesting.
  14. DrDingo

    Your preferred type of headphones?

    We all know that there are different types of headphones- there are the apple style bud ones, the rubber ones that you push into your ears, and those large ones that go over your head. Which type do you use and why? Personally, I like the rubber ones that you push into your ears because I find...
  15. DrDingo

    If You Could Read Minds

    Let's say you obtained the power to know absolutely everything inside someone's head on use, but there would also be downsides. Your brain may become corrupt with other's opinions and you may discover some dark secrets you would be better off not knowing. Would you use it? And if so, who on? I...
  16. DrDingo

    Hi there!

    Hi. I just joined FAF after a while of hovering, so I might as well post an Introductions thread. I am an awful artist, but I used a magical 3ds app to help me try to draw an acceptable avatar for joining the forums with. So here I am.