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  1. Elliot Manowar

    Edgy Furry Club

    Hey, you. Yeah, you ya dingus! Have you worn black before? Have you accidentally cut your friends for liking Shadow the Hedgehog? Do you have an uncomfortable affinity for blood or Raven from Teen Titans? Well this is the Hangout for you. All alternative people are welcome here from emos to...
  2. Elliot Manowar

    Newgrounds vs CalArts

    Draw your sona in the Newgrounds and CalArts style and post them here. I'll start.
  3. Elliot Manowar

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 10-30 USD Dragon Adoptable

    Please offer in comments and I'll DM you. Once you get this Character you will be able to name them.
  4. Elliot Manowar

    Ellie's New Ref Sheet.

    I made a new ref sheet for Ellie. What do you think?
  5. Elliot Manowar

    What is the best dish you can make out of a Skunk and a Bird?

    I need to know. For @Simo purposes.
  6. Elliot Manowar

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 10 USD Gazelle Adopt

    Please comment if you wish to buy this one.
  7. Elliot Manowar

    The Controversial Opinion Extravaganza (Aka The Hipster Game)

    It's simple. Say an opinion you know everyone will crucify you for and watch the planet burn. I'll start Scalies are biologically superior to furries.
  8. Elliot Manowar

    Steven Universe Salt Thread

    I'm getting real sick of my formerly favorite show Steven universe. I felt betrayed by the plotline and I'm only seeing the movie for closure. You can discuss the salt you have with it as well and also you can discuss plotlines and/or how you would write said plotlines.
  9. Elliot Manowar

    The Villian Game

    The rules are simple, The avatar above you starts a scenario. The "Villian" will have to ruin it. The avatar who initiated it is the hero. @ the initiator for seamless replies. I'll start. It's a peaceful village in Norway during the springtime.
  10. Elliot Manowar

    Free Art: Taking free requests

    No nsfw No politcally charged stuff Blood is fine but not excessively gorey Recent Examples of work
  11. Elliot Manowar

    Furry DnD: Quest for the Meme Gods

    This is a Dnd game me and Tyno made. Feel free to join. Just say your class and go. The only rule is in order to become a god you need to get a life amulet from me by defeating three high level monsters I will spawn. Ping me at any time in the game to challenge me.
  12. Elliot Manowar

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $10 Goat Adopt

    I'm selling this goat adoptable. It's nameless so you can choose the name. You also have liberties to change the design. The goat is gender neutral.
  13. Elliot Manowar

    Let's make an abridged series!

    Okay, I have four options on what to do, vote in the polls about which one you'll want to do. The winning poll will be the first project. Please comment on what role you'll do along with an audio file of a line of your choice.
  14. Elliot Manowar

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling Elliot Manowar

    This is a hard thing for me to do but it must be done. I'm selling Ellie the Manokit. I have lost all attachment to her and hope to find them a good home with someone who will actually use them. This is their ref sheet. The action starts at 10 USD. I will send a paypal invoice to the winner.
  15. Elliot Manowar

    Post the most offensive response image to the person above.

    I'll start. @TacomaTheDeer
  16. Elliot Manowar

    Last Post wins:the game?

    Calling all furs who use the thread LAST POST WINS. Whay would it be like if it were a video game? Discuss.
  17. Elliot Manowar

    Free art for you!

    SFW ONLY Examples of my work:
  18. Elliot Manowar

    Pokemon General

    Let's talk about pokemon! My favorite is Ninetales
  19. Elliot Manowar

    Canine Head Base Auction

    You can bid for this here or use these links. www.thedealersden.com: Canine Head Base FurBuy - View Auction #1107800