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  1. J

    I really want to role play please

    Message me in DM's or send me a friend request over discord if you're going to send me a friend request over discord please give me a heads up here my notifications have been hit or miss lately I don't know if it's discord or my computer doing it jules#1542
  2. J

    (Starter please read)Angel x demon rp 18+

    You’re an angel, you’ve been an angel for ( insert in crazy long amount of time here). You’ve always gotten the short end of the stick so to speak. Even in the academy everyone had it out for you. It was like they all had some reason to hate you. You and the other Angels were always taught that...
  3. J

    mxm/mxf switch roleplay 18+ wanted

    Please read all of the post. DO NOT comment here DM ME PLEASE I'm interested in a role-play that leans more on story and lore with heavy fetishes. 18 plus content on the side with a lot of buildup but NOT being a main focus. dm me for more details on that if you want. My style is to role-play...
  4. J

    Fully evolved Pokémon x my oc (21 year old trainer)

    Note me in DMs and we can talk all about it
  5. J

    Anthro Pig tf rp (mxm)

    Can't really talk about it too much here note me in GM's or on Discord Discord -> jules#1542
  6. J

    Sonic the Hedgehog x my oc 18+ nsfw

    Contact me in private direct message so that we can talk about the details I can't say anything here we can do it in direct message or on Discord it's up to you
  7. J

    Rp in pm or on discord

    Let's brainstorm and come up with something together
  8. J

    Gen 1 Pokémon rp 18+ nsfw mxm grown trainer X fully evolved Pokemon

    Since this site gives me notifications through my email for some reason and my email isn't telling me when it's sending the notifications we will have to continue this conversation on Discord or Skype I don't know how to use Skype yet I know I have it I know it works that's all I know I don't...
  9. J

    (Me) predator vampire anthro X (you) non vampire pray anthro (mxm)

    In a world where Predator and pray live side by side in relative peace, vampires exist. That's common knowledge. They are looked down upon due to bad press and propaganda. Very few people actually know how much of it is true, and even less really and truthfully care. My character is a (insert...
  10. J

    ( aged up tmnt ) Michelangelo x my OC on Discord

    Title says it all let's continue this conversation on Discord jules#1542
  11. J

    Seeking role play partner is seriously going stir-crazy somebody help

    I'm very open to a lot of different kinds of things in role-playing I have a difficult time putting long replies but I can it just takes awhile for me to think sometimes because I'm mentally handicapped I really need something to take my mind off things throughout the day especially without...
  12. J

    Weight gain muscle gain and transformation roleplay

    There are other things included in this role play that I can't put here we can continue talking on Discord my friend code is jules#1542
  13. J

    Pokémon vs human (human tf through av./cv. Into a Pokémon) 18+ nsfw

    (Role swap is possible don’t hesitate to ask) You’re a human living in a world of anthro Pokémon. You’re a freestyle wrestler. In your type of wrestling anything goes to a certain extent as long as the crowd enjoys it. There are really only two rules: rule one: don’t kill your opponent unless...
  14. J

    Christmas-themed RP (18+ nsfw)

    It was Christmas eve. The first snowfall that morning. I wished upon a shooting star that night. I wished to get a lover that would hold me tight. One that would love me no matter what, so I never be alone. I went to bed all alone in my old house. I woke up to the strangest sound. It sounded...
  15. J

    Honest opinions wanted as well as critique ( multiple parts. still ongoing)

    Link to chapter one https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45090547/ Some scenes and themes are disturbing to some readers reader discretion is advised translation read at your own risk 18+ only
  16. J

    need opinions and feedback

    I posted the first chapter of my book, "The Incubus's Problem" today and have eight chapters written. I need to know if people will read it.
  17. J

    Bowser rp 18+

    My character can be male or female it's up to you. This roleplay is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for anyone that ties role-playing with religion. The details of this role play are sensitive at best so if you are religious look away now. if you're like me and just doing this for fun...
  18. J

    Gen 1 anthro musclegut pokemon 18+ nsfw kinky weird gross fetishes ahead

    My character will be a fat muscular male Lucario https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9678883/
  19. J

    Male xmen X my oc 18+ nsfw

    My oc will be male or female it's up to you other than that title says it all don't be shy I don't bite Discord jules#1542 Sometimes Discord doesn't send me friend request notify me here first thank you