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  1. Biscayne

    Possible Fursona Feedback

    I'm looking for feedback on a sona idea I had, a flame point Siamese + orange tabby mix. I'm mainly looking for design feedback - are the colors decent? Is it too complicated? Especially appreciate feedback from artists! would you want to draw this character? Thanks in advance for the feedback!!
  2. Biscayne

    (Commission) Selling: $500 Dog Mini Partial - USA Only

    Hey there! After some thought, I've decided to rehome my impulse bought mini partial AND CHARACTER (with art). Character gallery with pictures (fursuit pics in tab): Biscayne on Toyhouse Some more pics: They are a premade suit that fits up to a 27 inch head, with one size fits all hands...
  3. Biscayne

    New fursuiter here!

    Hey there! I'm Biscayne, I'm 28 and living in the rural south. I recently decided on a sona and am getting a fursuit sometime this month. My sona is Biscayne who's a mutt (I like to think they're a black mouth cur mix but really just whatever!) I like to draw (badly), garden, sew, cook (also...