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  1. ElZorroValdez

    The cringe is unnerving

    Just look around you. I cringed my pants.
  2. ElZorroValdez

    Critique for an old story, please?

    This thing is a few years old, and probably a little inaccurate, due to my state of mind at the time I wrote this thing up while on vacation(I was drunk for the rough draft). I cleaned it up and typed it out and this is the end result. Also, it was non-furry. So uhm, lemme know what you guys...
  3. ElZorroValdez

    'Lo all

    Hi. I'm Zorro, or Valdez, or something. I enjoy gaming(tabletops, video games, etc.), occasionally drawing/writing if I can summon the motivation, and a variety of music. So yeah, salutations and the like.