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  1. MercifulHope

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Commissions Open! SFW/NSFW $5+

    Check down below to see a special sale >.> running from 4/11/21 - 4/18/21 I'm not sure how well the resolution for my price sheet will hold up here (I like working on a large canvas) but you can find the larger image here -> on my furaffinity account or in the comments below. I accept payment...
  2. MercifulHope

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Quick Commissions Available ($10-$20)

    Hi everyone! Thought I'd offer some commissions to feed my new obsession with lucas the spider plushies! SFW AND NSFW available! Comment or PM me!
  3. MercifulHope

    Free Art: Taking Free Requests! (sfw and light nsfw)

    I've practiced with humans and ferals, but only have a bit of practice drawing anthros and that's just not right! So for the practice (and to break out of my comfort zone) I'm looking for some characters to play around with! Comment with character reference (s) and if you have something...