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  1. Kailirian

    Show me your last artwork! I'd love to see it.

    A new character, I was listening emo bands while drawing it.
  2. Kailirian

    Share a random fact about your fursona/persona!

    Despite appearing as a very cool headed an collected individual, Kailirian has the sense of humor of a 13 year boy
  3. Kailirian

    Hiring: ($150+) (CLOSED)1930's Electro Swing Dance Piece

    Hello! I've recently opened my commissions! While my gallery is NSFW, I also work with SFW themes :) https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/kailirian/ And my prices are here: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/kailirian/
  4. Kailirian

    Post your current earworm!

    Burn butcher burn ♫♫♫
  5. Kailirian

    Lollygagging intensifies

    Lollygagging intensifies
  6. Kailirian

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Now I'm the winner
  7. Kailirian

    Thank you! :)

    Thank you! :)
  8. Kailirian

    Have you ever drawn your sona as a different gender before?

    I caved and did it Center is the original.
  9. Kailirian

    Last movie you watched!

    Overlord! Fun movie about WW2 with mutants. Also, Pilou Asbæk as a more scary villain than Euron Greyjoy (seriously, they wasted him on GoT)
  10. Kailirian

    The Expanse

    Chrisjen Avasarala is such a queen! But it's a shame that it's going to end so soon, I was hoping they did a season per book. But now I'm hoping it doesn't end badly.
  11. Kailirian

    Have you ever drawn your sona as a different gender before?

    I designed them to be the most androgynous possible, but now I kinda want to make them as both genders lol
  12. Kailirian

    What movie(s) have you seen countless times and why?

    The filmography of Quentin Tarantino, with Inglorious basterds as my favorite movie ever, not just his. The Lost Boys, only the original. I watched that movie when I was around 10 years old an it blew my mind. Terminator, till the third one, isn't as good as the first two but still I enjoyed a lot
  13. Kailirian

    Synthwave and Retro wave-style music appreciation thread!

    I can't stop listening to this
  14. Kailirian

    (WIP) drunk goblin tank "fi going to slay thje dragon!" What do you think?

    I love how amused the guy in the middle looks XD
  15. Kailirian

    It's that time again, choose your favorite thumbnail.

    There's a few! 6, 17, 20 and 23.