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  1. CrispSkittlez

    Is this the beginning of the end for Rush Limbaugh?

    Take Jack Thompson, for example.
  2. CrispSkittlez

    What accents do you enjoy?

    Not anything in particular, but sometimes if I'm listening to people my eyes just gloss over and I lose all focus of what they're saying, but I listen to their melodic voice.
  3. CrispSkittlez

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Just finished KOTOR and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Hope to finish my current Mass Effect 2 play through by Monday night.
  4. CrispSkittlez

    I was playing Mass Effect 2 in lieu of Mass Effect 3's release next month and...

    I think the real question here is whether or not garrus is the sexiest thing alive. I know my answer.
  5. CrispSkittlez

    The Uncanny Valley just got a lot deeper

    I find this more funny than it has any right to be.
  6. CrispSkittlez

    Close Call, Bro

    We were all mostly keeping to ourselves thinking it was just each one of us as an individual that was getting sick, and once we collaborated that we all felt terrible, we quickly found the kettle.
  7. CrispSkittlez

    Close Call, Bro

    Knowing some people it was probably a combination of the two.
  8. CrispSkittlez

    Something in the water?

    It's things like that that make me glad more and more schools in my area are going for the whole equal opportunity bit, to the point where some of the gays I know are the most popular people in school and any people who do feel so strongly against homosexuality are few and far between to the...
  9. CrispSkittlez

    Close Call, Bro

    Well, believe it or not, most things emit something when they burn, with some substances being better or worse to inhale than others.
  10. CrispSkittlez

    Something in the water?

    I don't think I'll throw out my opinion on why people are gay, but I will say this..... Why is there so much effort placed on trying to find out why/how people become gay? Isn't there much better things that the time and money used for this can go towards? I dunno, something like education, so...
  11. CrispSkittlez

    Day of Silence

    Was not aware of this at all and it's now too late. Even so, I probably would not have participated anyway. Not out of spite, but just because I'd like to be able to communicate with people during the day.
  12. CrispSkittlez

    Close Call, Bro

    Nah, we're all fine, just opened some windows to clear it all out and drank a lot of water. Probably a lot of cough bacteria everywhere though, as much as I covered my mouth.
  13. CrispSkittlez

    Close Call, Bro

    It was all fine once we'd figured out the problem and shut it off, but I was thinking it was a gas leak or something at the time.
  14. CrispSkittlez

    Close Call, Bro

    Well, we didn't know what it was for the longest time, just that we were all coughing and the insides of our mouths felt like we'd just downed bottles of hot sauce. I was pretty close to throwing up. It was a giant metal kettle usually full of water that holds bags of soups to keep their temp...
  15. CrispSkittlez

    Close Call, Bro

    Somebody forgot to turn off the empty kettle at work and the entire kitchen was full of metal fumes. We all had no oxygen and were burning up on the inside. We could have all died, Jesus fuck.
  16. CrispSkittlez

    FaF after hours

    I don't care much for being online at night, even though that's when I'm usually on. Not much interesting is happening.
  17. CrispSkittlez

    Help Me.....

    I just made a Tumblr account and received a $10 Starbucks gift certificate from my work...... I'm worthless to this planet now. Could somebody do everyone a favour and stab me. In. The. FACE. **This was not supposed to end up in the tube.**
  18. CrispSkittlez

    What do you eat at Subway?

    Footlong parmesean oregano with pepperoni, cheese, lettuce, mayonaise, salt, and pepper. And it will never change.
  19. CrispSkittlez

    Recommend a PC game!

    I would recommend The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion if you're into that sort of thing, because if you get into it you'll never go outside again.
  20. CrispSkittlez

    Pokemon Black And White Released Yesterday...

    I've been playing White at a steady pace, I just bought Platinum for $17, and I'm asking for Soulsilver for my birthday...... Brb getting a life.