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  1. Leon Wit

    Memorial for Lost

    This is a memorial for Indy Spark Wolf. May he rest in peace. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm not really sure where this belongs. I'm making a memorial painting for any furries who have been lost during the pandemic. If you would like to honor them in this painting, please...
  2. Leon Wit

    Seven Tails Graphic Novel

    Hello! I wanted to tell you about an upcoming graphic novel, "Seven Tails". It's a story about two sisters, Andell and Celes, who go on a world-wide adventure to find someone named Seven Tails. They live on a fragment of a world, referred to as the Moon, and the story contains magic and...
  3. Leon Wit

    Artwork beautiful and detailed

    Hi there! If you're interested in super beautiful, glamorous, and detailed artwork, then you have come to the right place. I offer a gallery complete with about a hundred paintings of various qualities. It is a closed gallery with an admission fee, but you can still browse through the samples...
  4. Leon Wit

    February Charity Event 2/17

    Hey there, just spreading the word that there's a charity event going on soon. Feel free to donate whenever you wish. If you feel like patting yourself on the back and watching some art, there is a stream after. Donations are being made directly to the site and are done anonymously. The...
  5. Leon Wit

    Would you like some porn?

    Should I be drawing porn for you? It's a big market, according to statistics, but I want to hear it from you all, first hand. Is this something that would help me on my way to being a successful artist? Do you want to see porn? Or am I to be surprised and find out you don't want porn? Is it...
  6. Leon Wit

    New artist looking for an audience

    I'd like to share some of my artwork with you. If you like it, I'd like to invite you to come on over to my furaffinity or deviantart. I'm trying to get my start as an artist, so I'd appreciate any help you can give. Userpage of fox-petal-designs -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Fox-Petal-Designs on...
  7. Leon Wit

    Project: Looking for a model

    (Hopefully, I'm in the right place for this kind of thread) Samples: I'm looking for a nice young lady to be a model for an upcoming project. This will likely only require a few face shots of yourself. You should be photogenic and average looking; I'm not working with low quality images...
  8. Leon Wit

    Seven Tails

    Hello, I'm glad to see you. I've lately been learning of myself that I have a hard time sticking to just one project. I get bored, quite simply. So, I'm going to be working on two things simultaneously, and bouncing back and forth to whatever is catching my fancy. It's better than twiddling...
  9. Leon Wit

    Castle of the Setting Sun

    Hello! I'm writing a little graphic novella, called "Castle of the Setting Sun". It's a fantasy story, made for all ages, and it happens to be silent. No dialogue will be involved, as you will be the one to put the story together. Here is the first page, and below is the latest page. It's...