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  1. Tabasco

    Reversal of the Heart & Mau

    I was browsing the hipster side of YouTube, and I found some short fantasy and cartoon animal films released last year that only have 280k or 500k views respectively. I thought I'd share them with you all. Enjoy, furries. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHLwG3ioD4Y I guess I can only include...
  2. Tabasco

    Brainstorming - Furry Drama Hell

    So, if someone were going to write some kind furry satire inspired by Divine Comedy - and I'm not saying anyone is - what might those Nine Circles of Furry Drama Hell be? This is purely speculation, mind you. For your ease, these circles in the literature itself are limbo, lust, gluttony...
  3. Tabasco

    Tabletop fans, what makes a good GM?

    Point of curiosity. What qualities do you think a good GM needs? I'm asking because there's players and interested newcomers locally, but no organized groups. There's one person with experience as a GM who knows his tabletops like the back of his hand, but he's asocial, difficult, and kinda...
  4. Tabasco

    Paint compatible with glass jars

    So since you all are a bunch of artsy-fartsies, I was wondering if I could get some suggestions here. I'm making a present for a friend. Semi-fancy glass bottle filled with origami lucky stars in a couple different shades of holographic red (plain if holo doesn't have enough variety), and I'm...
  5. Tabasco

    Fursuiting - The Social Aspect (input for someone considering buying)

    For years, I’ve watched the local and online fursuit communities and debated getting a suit myself. I guess after all this time it’s really come down to one deciding factor to settle the matter: the social aspect. Fursuits cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. That’s a lot of money...
  6. Tabasco

    A serenade, for thee~

    Pick one or both, asshats, and prepare for horrible embarrassment delightful fun! 1. If someone were to serenade you with any song--any song at all--what would you hope for? 2. If you were to serenade someone yourself, what song would you choose? EDIT: I'm going to pick I Miss You by Incubus...
  7. Tabasco

    Best ways to burn off energy

    So FAF, seeing as how: 1. It is spring and it's finally possible to go outside without fear of death. 2. I'm frustrated and have too much energy. I need something physical to do that's more intense and focused than just running around and climbing things. Ideally I'd be taking a martial arts...
  8. Tabasco

    The mysteries of :V

    :V What kind of facial expression is that supposed to signify, anyway? I've never seen a human (or animal) face do anything remotely like that. Is it purely an Internet creation? I'm totally not trying to imitate that emote in a mirror right now.
  9. Tabasco


    SHEER, UNBRIDLED JOY. Anyway, this is my fursona now when I'm not ottering up FAF. The beavers like Xegras would take over if I didn't, God forbid. Name: Jasper Age: Old (probably hundreds) Sex: Female Species: Mythical fire salamander Height: 1'00 Weight: 3.5 lbs Appearance: LIZARD Skills...
  10. Tabasco

    Modifying FA profiles

    Can anyone provide me a list of usable tags for modifying FA profiles? Some of it looks looks BBCode, but many BBCode tags don't work so I guess not. Specifically I'm looking for the ones for size and font.
  11. Tabasco

    Hey, WoW players

    Is it possible to pay with Paypal, or anything NOT a credit card? I've been trying for an hour to find a way to upgrade from trial account but I do not have a credit card. I just get one of five or more different pages contradicting the help section. Maybe you could ask on the official forum...
  12. Tabasco

    LoL players

    Hey. HEY. Where you at? I'm still a new player, so I could use other new players who actually want to do teamplay and win matches to bring along.
  13. Tabasco

    Can a Fruity Loops user help me out?

    I was wondering if anyone would help me out quick as a brand-new user, while I'm perusing the help? I opened up a midi I'm tinkering with and changed an instrument, but I can't save it. It reverts back when I play the file or when I save it, and can only be changed mid-play. How do I keep it...
  14. Tabasco

    Programs for digital art

    Suggestions? Not GIMP! ... Unless you can tell me how to bring back the layers toolbox, when both the online manual and an hour of digging through the menus and my one remaining toolbar have yielded nothing. Two hours wasted on a layered piece because I can't change layers now.
  15. Tabasco

    When tragic things are funny

    This morning I was talking to a coworker, who told me about a "tragic" story. Apparently down in Louisiana, six teens from two families drowned. I was about to feel bad, and then I heard that they'd wandered off a sandbar and simply drowned in 20 feet of plain old water because none of them...
  16. Tabasco

    Massive tablet help needed

    So I've been researching, and researching, and researching, and I'm still researching, so any quick answers to my questions would be much appreciated. 1. Do you draw on the tablet itself (as in, you could draw away from the computer and save it, to upload later) or does it only work on your...
  17. Tabasco

    Meow meow I'm an extinct cat

    http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii416/FrostbiteSabertooth/frostbitesaber.png http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii416/FrostbiteSabertooth/FrostbiteSaber-2.jpg Name: Frostbite Age: 21 Sex: Female Species: Smilodon Fatalis, some freaky blue variation or tie-dye accident Height: 3’1 at the...
  18. Tabasco

    Allow me to make your day

    Because this made mine. Six times. And all of it was voluntary. FML. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1WWpKEPdT4
  19. Tabasco

    Favorite songs of summer

    Past or present! Mine is actually RHCP's Snow. It was my favorite the first summer after Stadium Arcadium came out. Nostalgiiiaaaaa. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6aruvzmOY8&feature=related
  20. Tabasco

    Suggestions, FAF?

    So I have this friend, who's a... computer technician, I think? He got laid off some time ago, and is having trouble with his unemployment and is pretty much in the red right now. He's always been generous to me, so I wanted to help him out. I'm petty sure he'd be insulted if I just offered to...