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  1. SnowFox

    Bug/Site Problem: Passwords sent in plaintext

    When you change anything in your account settings you have to enter your password, but if you get there by following the links in the control panel you you'll end up at http://www.furaffinity.net/controls/settings/ which will then submit your password insecurely as plaintext (unless I'm being...
  2. SnowFox

    Repairing windows with no disk and a corrupted hard drive

    Ok I give up. This might end up being a waste of time anyway if the hard drive is dying, but I'm attempting to repair/reinstall windows vista home premium on a laptop (for someone else). When you try to boot normally it just asks to run a chkdsk no matter how many times you let it run, if...
  3. SnowFox

    Change the "Account registration has been disabled" message

    "New account registration has been temporarily suspended." obviously isn't clear enough since I see at least one thread a day on here with someone posting about it as if it's some technical problem that's only happening to them. How about a message that clearly says registration has been...
  4. SnowFox

    Happy birthday Yak

    I noticed on the homepage it says it's Yak's birthday, and he's pretty cool so I thought he might like a thread where people can say nice things and appreciate him if they want. Happy birthday
  5. SnowFox

    It's my furthday!

    Furthday. I said it. It's a year ago today I joined the forums, I never made an intro thread, and this is still pretty much my first thread other than a couple of bug reports. I always felt too "new" to be important enough to make a thread (not that I have anything worthwhile to say) and...
  6. SnowFox

    Error Message: PHP error messages

    I got these messages while browsing the forums: First this one Then this one about 2 hours later It seemed to fix itself after a few refreshing attempts, so it's not really a problem, but I thought I'd post it in case it's something worth pointing out. Did the server run out of memory?
  7. SnowFox

    Error Message: The message you have entered is too short.

    Ever since the server move a few days ago I get this message on and off when I try to post It eats my message too which is really irritating if I've actually taken the time to type out a detailed post. At first it seemed to be happening with every post, then it stopped happening, now it seems...