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  1. Grunnolf

    Fursona Ref Sheet

    I am currently looking for a Sona ref sheet to be done. I prefer to only pay $20 - $30. I am also looking for it to be done within 1 - 2 weeks (2 weeks max). If you have any questions or want more details please message me.
  2. Grunnolf

    Fursuit pieces

    Fursuit Hey all, Last fursuit maker I tried to hire just stopped all contact to me. Please do not contact if you are not going to follow through and or keep contact. Before you offer make sure to ask ANY and ALL questions BEFORE hand. I say this to eliminate ANY confusion and lack of...
  3. Grunnolf

    Fursona redraw/modifications

    Hello to those looking at this, I have had some art of my fursona done previously however i figured it was about time to sit down with a semi experienced to an experienced artist with a lot of patience to get my fursona complete. I say this meaning getting all the new details in and...
  4. Grunnolf

    wanting a painterly style picture or any other form of art of my fursona

    Hey there was curious as to if someone would take up the task at modifying or doing their own art piece of my fursona. i have a picture already so if you would rather tweak the picture just send me a message with a possible price cost and we can then talk about the changes that i am wanting...
  5. Grunnolf


    Not sure if this is in the right area but i was wondering if i could get a price range on how much an average full fursuit generally costs. Was also hoping to get a few fursuit maker names in hopes that i can find a reasonably priced commission
  6. Grunnolf

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hey guys don't know if a thread has been created about this let alone if this is in the proper plac. Seaming as it is Thanksgiving just wanted to say happy thanksgiving to everyone. (i know seams like a pointless thread so lock if you want just only way i can wish everyone a happy thanksgiving =P).
  7. Grunnolf

    My first attempt at a Fursona

    Name: Grunnolf Age: 17 Sex: Male Species: Kenai Peninsula Grey Wolf Height: 6' 2" Weight: 160 - 170 lbs Appearance; Like most Grey wolves out there Grunnolf has a nice blend of white, tan, and grey fur. His Backside consists of mosty a blueish grey that loops around and blends into a...
  8. Grunnolf

    Which form of Dance do you like?

    Which of these Four dances do you like or do?
  9. Grunnolf


    Figured I would try a new aproach to try and get more people to know each other and for me to know more people ... so i created this thread so if anyone wanted to be friends they could just come here chit chat become friends yada yada. also anyone know any good hardstyle techno?:cool:
  10. Grunnolf

    Best headphones for music

    Anyone know some good Quality yet medium priced headphones that are great for Hardstyle techno?
  11. Grunnolf

    Furry anime

    Hey there was wondering if anyone had any idea on good furry anime. I have finished watching Spice and Wolf and can't seem to find any other good furry anime.
  12. Grunnolf

    Hey there guys

    Heh turns out i posted in wrong thread but that was my bad and for that i am sorry. Anyways, nice to meet you all hoping to expand my knowlege about furry but i am also here to try and make friends as well a just have a good time. I only ask that you guy don't troll me just because i am a newbie...
  13. Grunnolf

    New Member

    Hey guys i'm a noob here (say what you want i could care less) but been a furry for a while yet couldn't find a good forum to join till i found this one. Was wondering if anyone could just help me mozy about the forums till i got the hang of it. Also was wondering if aanyone wanted to be friends...