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  1. Tyll'a

    I hate being alone

    Back in July, my girlfriend of three years abandoned me, right as I was considering proposing to her. She is not a furry but was completely understanding of my being one. Being abandoned like just a pile of garbage really hurt me - and still does - but I'd really like to be able to look past...
  2. Tyll'a

    Starting a furry themed guild in SWTOR!

    I've been wanting to start a furry themed guild for a while now, and I finally decided to pull the trigger on that! This is on Star Forge server, Republic side. <Clan of Cathar> Is a small, new RP/PvE/Social guild! We have a guild ship and small conquest, we are looking for more like minded...
  3. Tyll'a

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for a Valentine's Day commission of my and my GF's OCs

    I'm wanting to surprise my GF with a Valentine's Day commission of her and my OCs. Is there anyone here who can help with this? Hoping to spend about $25-$30 if that's realistic
  4. Tyll'a

    Defile the Don't Awoo sign!

    I'm sure we've all seen this Don't Awoo sign. And I'm sure a lot of us don't like it! So here's a forum game where we mess up the sign! My first one is something I came up with while fighting Tauren in WoW.
  5. Tyll'a

    Anyone know any cosplay tutorials?

    First of all, if this is the wrong forum for this, I apologize. My girlfriend and I would like to start cosplaying, and we have no idea where to start. Does anyone have any tutorials or tips that could help us? Thanks!
  6. Tyll'a

    Art Trade: Trading stories for refsheet and chibi of my sona

    I would like to get a refsheet and chibi of my sona, but he was just recently redesigned and so I don't have any pictures of the new design. I have a description though, and I have pictures of the old design. I would be willing to trade a story or two for those pieces if anyone is interested...
  7. Tyll'a

    Good inexpensive drawing tablet?

    My girlfriend is looking to get into making art, and I was wondering what a good inexpensive drawing tablet for her to start with would be. Do any of the more artsy types here have any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Tyll'a

    Tyll'a Starr bio

    I decided to redesign my sona's look and backstory. So, here's his new bio. Name: Tyll’a Starr Age: 29 Sex: Male Species: Caracal Height: 4’10” Weight: 120 lb. Appearance: - Hair and fur: Yellow - Markings: Chevron-like markings right below each eye. However, the one below his right eye is...
  9. Tyll'a

    Thinking of redesigning my sona

    I'm thinking of redesigning my sona, changing him from a nekomimi to an anthro cat. Any ideas?
  10. Tyll'a

    Mira Moone Bio

    This was originally a villain I made for a storyline in FF14, now repurposed as a character for NSFW RP. Name: Mira Moone Age: Late 50s Sex: Female Species: Cat Appearance: - Hair and fur: Black fur, white hair - Markings: White markings on her face - Eye color: Red Behavior and Personality...
  11. Tyll'a

    Tyll'a Starr Bio

    Going to try this bio thing out. Tyll'a is slightly different depending on where I happen to be playing him, but since I consider his Final Fantasy XIV incarnation to be the "official" Tyll'a, the bio here is based on that incarnation. Since this is my first time doing a fursona bio, any...
  12. Tyll'a

    New to both the site and the fandom

    Hello everyone! I'm PSDuckie, and I'm new to both this site and the fandom as a whole. Because I'm so new, I don't really know what to ask or say here. That said, I'd like to learn more about it!