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  1. dogit

    Kick Starter: Buck- A game about a real dog.

    Ok thanks to Caddicarus I found out about this game. Its staring all anthro characters, people who give a certain amount to the campaign can have there pets actually in the game as NPC's. Looks so cool check it out https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...out-a-real-dog (tell me if the link...
  2. dogit

    Has anyone seen this?

    I'm I the only one who has seen this before? Its basically a child friendly version of the original with all the characters being anthros. Its actually a lot closer to the book than many other interpretations and for a bbc kids cartoon its really good. Animation at times can get a bit WTF just...
  3. dogit

    Furry cons in the UK?

    What furry cons are in the UK. For my first furry con i don't want to leave the country, if any one is attending any cons in the uk or knows of any can you send me a link. ps: I am sorry if there is already a post like this i could not find it.
  4. dogit


    Hi I'm new but you probably figured that out from the name of the forum. I have always loved anthropomorphic characters but only recent found the fandom. I'm not very god at talking to new people and am hoping to build up confidence and make new friends. :D