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  1. Pyper


    Hey, just wanting to see if there is anyone in the forums who is in the area of the furironcity group. I am wanting to join them but have social anxiety that has been kind of preventing me from reaching out and trying to join the group for their meets. I would feel a lot more comfortable knowing...
  2. Pyper

    Your dream residence

    If you had the option to live where you wanted, without any financial worries of course, where would it be? Environment, neighbors, size of house, etc is what I am referring to with the idea of residence. I would want to live in an area that is within walking distance of a mountain range. I...
  3. Pyper

    Hoodie Idea?

    So I went black friday shopping and found this at Hot Topic: It looks pretty cool and ever since then I have wanted to get a hoodie like that of Kylie from Fantastic Mr Fox: I find that it would be cool to wear because it describes my exact mood when trying to be social. It would be so much...
  4. Pyper

    Wolf-Leopard Hybrid

    I was wondering if there is anyone available to help with my design of a male wolf-leopard hybrid. I am not very artsy so the sketches I have drawn look pretty awful. I am thinking about what colors would make the most sense for my character but I like the idea of an orange, grey, black look...
  5. Pyper

    domestication of wild animals

    For years I have been wanting to have a pet fox as my own but not able to because of it being illegal in my state in US. I have been wondering, besides the Russian experiment to create domesticated foxes, are there any places that works on domesticating other wild animals besides foxes? I also...
  6. Pyper

    So many options

    I am in the process of saving up for a fursuit and I was wondering with all the possible commissioners; How do you decide upon the fursuit builder? I am a long way from being able to get a fursuit ,but knowing how much I have to spend for one, I want to get opinions on what made you guys decide...