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  1. Corrupt-Canine

    The Macrocosm (Open RP)

    (This RP will be covering a broad fantasy like genre with sci fi elements.) (Setting) You will all be meeting at a camp in a forest during the day. The trees form a thick roof like canopy blocking a lot of view from the sky. In the distance, there's a tall fortress wall. On the other side is...
  2. Corrupt-Canine

    Worst TV show you've ever seen?

    I'm talking about anything that is shown on television that you've seen. Animated or live action. Worst of the worst. Could be one or a tie. Lets hear them. Worst animated show for me is Mr. Pickles. Some Adult Swim show with probably the worst designs and style I've witnessed. I understand...
  3. Corrupt-Canine

    Zero to Hero (Roleplay)

    Popular stories revolve around heroes making great feats. Liberating towns, traversing great dangers, saving royals, etc. But what happens when hero's fall? If they all fell from their legends, what happens to them? History: A worldwide crisis has spread across the entire world. A superpower...
  4. Corrupt-Canine

    The Nightmare Scenario

    I was thinking of what some nightmare scenarios I could think of. From what I've seen in different forms of entertainment and from a few dreams, I guessed up one. A character is kidnapped from their world by some supernatural means and knocked out by their captors with gas. They wake up in a...
  5. Corrupt-Canine

    Royal Rumbler's Island (Fantasy Action RP)

    The legend goes that a special place called Royal Rumbler's Island is where if people wander too close to the island, they get stuck in its inescapable invisible dome. People who try to swim or teleport away only end right back where they started, as if they went in a circle. The things that...
  6. Corrupt-Canine

    Anyone here like to talk about tropes?

    If you don't know what tropes are, they're basically ideas and common writing seen in all media, writing, and entertainment. about. By the way, they're helpful to look at if you want ideas of what to write and do. Have any you'd like to talk about? Haven any that you hate? It could probably be...
  7. Corrupt-Canine

    General roleplay

    Been some time since I did a RP. I'll try to keep this one short to avoid it getting abandoned. You just decide the setting or plot and I'll go along there.
  8. Corrupt-Canine

    To get one wish (Action, adventure, survival RP)

    (To make this work, this RP moves quickly from scene to scene, setting to setting. So you need to be fairly quick just enough to stay in flow with this.) To put things simply, your character is on a journey to get one wish from The Wishmaster, but the task can cost them their lives. They'll...
  9. Corrupt-Canine

    Dragons, chimeras, Takeovers, Coups, oh no (RP

    "In an different universe where sentient beings, humans, and creatures used to live in an complex, diverse, but untamed world where races fought for control of resources, land, and to keep their kind alive. Similar to wild animals surviving in nature. But a celestial device of alien origin came...
  10. Corrupt-Canine

    "Unfamiliar Frontier" RP thread

    I decided to make my own RP thread. It will be focused on a setting that takes place in a futuristic alternate world but still has many modern world technologies. So let's get to the point: Your characters will be put into a strange world that doesn't even look like it appears on the timeline...
  11. Corrupt-Canine

    What is your idea for a villain/antagonist? Share your idea/thoughts

    I've been thinking about what kind of villains or antagonists there should be in a story, and what they should be like. I had an idea for a few, one that's like some Elderich Abomination creature, and another perhaps medieval. You have any thoughts or ideas? You have some? (Music) Themes? How...
  12. Corrupt-Canine

    Draw a doodle RP, a new way of RPing?

    A lot of the times I get bored of short sentences RPs or just RPs in general. So what about rather than using just words, we use drawn pictures (No dirty aka NSFW stuff). I wonder if there any other people who share that same idea. Any thoughts on this?
  13. Corrupt-Canine

    Your opinion on closed species/species community?

    I know this whole "species" thing is big on DeviantART, but some appeared here on FA. If you don't know what a closed species/species in general, it's where a person creates a creature and adds traits to them, and BAM, you get a species. A lot of them are based on dogs, like 2/3rds of them...
  14. Corrupt-Canine

    Taking some traditional character drawing requests (FULL!)

    I decided that I should try getting more artwork done by taking some requests. I will be drawing in traditional since it's the only thing I'm good at. Also I don't have any way to color anything, so it will just be black and white. I'll be doing fullbody shaded requests. I can do anthros and...