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  1. Ank57


    Apparently, FurAffinity is down for some reason Is it bug fixes, a DDoS, a bug? who knows
  2. Ank57

    ANOTHER Ddos

    i really hope FA is in maintenance or something and not Attack of 4chan 2: The Evilution of Pepe EDIT: It was probably gremlins on my end, i still have trauma from the last major DDoS
  3. Ank57


    Thumbnails aren't working for me Submissions are but new thumbnails aren't working I don't know if this has something to do with the hardware swap or if it's unrelated
  4. Ank57

    Site Lag II

    I'm experiencing site lag, again i don't know if this is just my laptop being weird because I'm certain it's not a DDoS (only ~34147 users online, a usual for FA)
  5. Ank57


    i'm currently getting lag on FA, not sure if i'm getting it on any other sites Anyway, could just be my laptop or internet but i'm not sure
  6. Ank57

    What should NOT have a self-destruct

    What products/objects shouldn't under any circumstances have a self-destruct
  7. Ank57

    Experiencing site lag

    Homepage works fine but everything else isn't i don't know if this is errors on my end, site updates, or (god forbid) a DDoS
  8. Ank57

    Possible updates

    I just got an error 500 and 520. hoping that this isn't another DDoS and is just FA doing updates
  9. Ank57

    It's happening again

    Bruh, another DDoS (at least I think it is, might just be updates or code problems) Hopefully it doesn't last that long It's gone :p
  10. Ank57

    TV/Movie characters V.S. Ank (i.e. me)

    Basically Ank VS the Forces of Entertainment They wouldn't stand a chance: Mario (he's featured in enough TV shows to be counted here) Ruff Ruffman Donald Duck Davros The Ice Age baby Will E. Coyote All of the characters from the Twillight films Draw: Luigi All of the characters from JoJo's...
  11. Ank57

    Best Recent Doctor Who episode

    Vote for your favorite of Series 12 (that have been released) here!
  12. Ank57

    Main Site The State of the Nation (i.e. FurAffinity DDoS)

    FurAffinity is being steamrolled by either the "cringy r/anti_furryirl gang" or just some dude who had a really bad week I actually had some problems with a website called FANDOM but i doubt that those are being caused by the same DDoS but it could be the case Anyway i may just post my art to...