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  1. GamingGal

    Written Memorial for Red

    So, I'm going to try my hand at writing a memorial for Red (I only mention Red because I've only heard talk of one wanted for her, but am willing to do one for Milo if desired). Bear with me and my writing skills; it's been a while. I've been informed that it should be hopefully finished fairly...
  2. GamingGal

    Meet in Memory of RedSavage

    Hey guys. I'm sure a lot of us can't go to the memorial service in Texas due to it being too far to travel. With this in mind, would anyone be up to planning a few memorial meets in our respective areas? I live in Georgia and would love to arrange to meet a few furs and maybe have a...
  3. GamingGal

    Need LOTS! Deer/Horse/Human Art

    Hey guys! I'm in need of a LOT. One character needs an overhaul, one character needs art, and one character needs to come to life. I've divided it into sections below. My budget is $100. Anthro or feral is acceptable. ------------- So, I recently designed a character who I feel not too...
  4. GamingGal

    Thumbnail for Story

    Hey guys! I am writing a story series, which you can find on my FA. It's about my fursona's adventures at university and Morphology (again, check out the story for an explanation :P). I would like to have a thumbnail for it. Just something simple that lets your know that, hey, this is a uni...
  5. GamingGal

    Hozier Love Intensifies

    1nox3Oswbbk Oh sweet goodness o.o I knew I loved this man and all his music, but this confirms my love. I might be lesbian, but I would have this man. Mhmmm. Good god. That voice, that hair. Yes plz.
  6. GamingGal

    Free Writing

    Hey guys! I'm trying to get into writing again, but I need SOMETHING to keep me committed to it, soooooo.....that's where you come in. I figure doing some writing for you guys and knowing you're expecting it will sort of jump start things for me. Who knows xD I do not write NSFW or fetish...
  7. GamingGal

    Ceryadne -- Bull/Deer Sona

    Derp derp, decided I wanted to have a place for all my information about my new character! Bear with me while this is all bare bones and whatnot. My lovely gal is still in the works. All details are assuming anthro despite my only feral artwork :3 Name: Ceryadne (Sare-ee-AHD-nay) Nickname...
  8. GamingGal

    Any Furs Wanna Cameo?

    EDIT: Round 2!! Hey guys! So, I'm planning on starting a running story series thing and it's gonna need some furs to populate it. Of course, I could create them and give them personalities and everything, but I wanted to first see if anyone wanted to see their fur come to life! I'll try my...
  9. GamingGal

    Art of my Gf's Fursona

    Hey guys! So, I'm going to be starting a written series of stories and it follows my fursona and I convinced my girlfriend to make a character to sort of represent her and whatnot. To my surprise, she's actually kinda gotten into the idea of it! She drew her sona and is working out the...
  10. GamingGal

    Anthro, Feral, Both?

    Hey guys! So, before joining this site, my fursona Aaria only had art of her feral form. I only saw her as the lioness that she is, so it was weird for me to imagine her as an anthro character. I'm finally getting art done of her as an anthro, and despite it still being weird, I'm learning to...
  11. GamingGal

    List of Fursuit Makers

    Last updated: 5/22/15 So, you want a fursuit? Awesome! However, that means finding a maker and sometimes that isn't the easiest thing to do. You have to find someone open to commissions who can do your style and include all the details you want, and that can take hours of searching. Well...
  12. GamingGal

    Critique Me! (NSFW?)

    Hey guys! So, I tend to not write a lot. I love writing, but distractions get in the way. That being said, I wrote a poem last night. It took a direction I wasn't expecting in that it was a bit more erotic than I had planned, but I let the poem do what it wanted and simply went along with it...
  13. GamingGal

    Seeking: Ref Sheet and/or Character Creation

    Hey guys! So, I'm needing a reference sheet for my character, Aaria. I would like it to be moderately detailed, showing her feral and anthro form would be preferred. I don't know what all goes into one really, so offer away! I'm also in the process of creating a new sona, a deer (possibly...
  14. GamingGal

    Why Popufur?

    I did a quick search, so here's to hoping I don't replicate anything! So, I've been wondering something. What makes a suiter "popufur?" I see names of suiters that people seem to know pretty automatically and I just wonder what makes them stand out from all the rest. Is their character just...
  15. GamingGal

    Aaria the Lady Loving Lioness

    Decided to throw my sona at you guys to get opinions and such! I've never really viewed her in any light other than her feral self, so don't expect any real-world behaviors or things to be mentioned. The height/age/weight is for her feral self as well. Although I AM looking for someone to draw...
  16. GamingGal

    Hey Guys! GG Here!

    Hey guys! Decided to make an account here after lurking for a while. Name's GamingGal, but feel free to call me GG or Gal, whatever you prefer. If you've seen that name elsewhere, it's most likely me, so feel free to say hey! A little bit about me: I'm an English major at a university with no...