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  1. Ringebell


    I hade an accident with my motorbike and while I’m completely fine I now have to replace some part and get new clothing with is pretty expensive and I need it now because driving is required for my job. So I’m putting almost all my characters up for offer. They‘re all here...
  2. Ringebell

    Free Art: Free Sketches (closed)

    I‘m in the mood to sketch some people. Rules: - reference required, I won’t work of descriptions - if you post a picture here please put it in a spoiler or the attachments - these can be SFW or NSFW but please mark links to NSFW refs - you can request interactions with my characters SFW...
  3. Ringebell

    Found someone. Thanks!

    I‘m looking for a ref of my character Levan. His current ref is here. On the ref I would like: Two Fullbodys (front and back) A mouth close-up for teeth A NSFW variant or close-up A chibi with his mawashi belt would be appreciated but is not required. If you have an example with a character...
  4. Ringebell

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Quick Sketches SFW/NSFW

    Headshot Halfbody Chibi Fullbody Uncolored €5 €10 €10 €15 Colored €8 €15 €15 €20 These have a short turnaround and will mostly be finished in 1-2 days but can take up to a week if it’s a group picture. Very complex designs could cost more. I can make them traditionally or digital. I can...
  5. Ringebell

    Free Art: Your characters with mine (NSFW)

    I want to sketch some NSFW stuff, so here we are. I had a similar thread some while ago and if you got art there please do not reply here. Rules: - give me a ref (unshaded fullbody is enough) or Toyhouse link - if you want to attach an image, put it in spoilers for my organization please - may...
  6. Ringebell

    Art for Pokemon

    I'm in the mood to draw some busts and get some legendary and shiny Pokemon on my Ultra Moon edition, so why not combine those two? For a Tier 1 or a shiny you get a sketch Bust. For a Tier 2 or a shiny of Tier 1 you will get a flatcolour Bust. For a shiny of Tier 2 you will get a shaded Bust...
  7. Ringebell

    Free Art: Art Block (closed)

    I have an art block and no idea what to draw, so I'm taking some requests. Rules: - give me a ref (unshaded fullbody is enough) or Toyhouse link - may accept a description for very simple characters - no underage or canon characters - no hyper proportions please - give me an idea of want you...
  8. Ringebell

    Free Art: Insects and Arachnids

    I wanna draw some insects and arachnids because I love these fellows. ^^ So if you have a character that fits leave them here. Also tell me if you would be okay with NSFW. I don't really plan on drawing some but I don't know when the mood hits, so I'm holding my options open.
  9. Ringebell

    Free Art: I wanna try out transformation (closed, working)

    Like the title says, I want to try drawing transformation, specifically pictures mid transformation. So I'm taking some requests. Rules: - give me a ref (unshaded fullbody is enough) - no feral, underage, humanoide (with human face) or canon characters - no hyper proportions - say what you want...
  10. Ringebell

    Hiring: Closed ^^

    Heyho, like you probably guessed from the title, I'm looking for an artist who can make a traditional badge. It should either be a half- or fullbody, cell or soft shaded and laminated. The badge is for my sona Ringebell in his first outfit on the ref. Some general info: - I prefer Toony...
  11. Ringebell

    Free Art: need some ideas

    I have no idea and/or motivation, so throw me one of your characters, preferably of a weird species, with ideas what to do. NSFW and SFW allowed and if you got a request from me in the last 3month or so, that wasn't a marker doodle, please sit this one out. If I get to you, please comment on the...
  12. Ringebell

    Free Art: Turn your character in an animal crossing villager! (closed)

    I wanna make ACEO cards of characters as ac villagers and need commission examples but don't want to use my characters. I will draw the two first people that mention the name of the character in my profile pic (it's not Ringebell). ^^ The final drawing can be shipped but you have to pay for the...
  13. Ringebell

    Free Art: Blind Dates (open)

    I'm really motivated to draw and want to do something for Valentine's Day but I'm very single. So I'm gonna set up some blind dates for my characters. ^^ To participate please fill out: Name: Gender: Sexuality: Age: SFW/NSFW: Idea: Ref/Toyhouse: (if you attach more than one image please use...
  14. Ringebell

    Art Trade: Taking some trades (open)

    I wanna take on some trades with other artists to draw some other characters. ^^ If you want to trade with me, just give me a character and what you wanna do (Bust, Chibi, flat colour, shaded ...). I will match. For me you can draw any character from here: Ringebell on Toyhouse What I will do...
  15. Ringebell

    Hiring: Closed

    I would like a custom ref-sheet for a character of mine with front view, back view, a sfw version and a nsfw version. www.furaffinity.net: Checkers by Ringebell (NSFW) Some things: - digital art please - toony style is preferred - if you've drawn femboys before please link me an example - if...
  16. Ringebell

    (Commission) Selling: Marker sketch Head Shots (€5)

    I'm selling some cheap Head-Shots with a day or even less turnaround time. They will look something like this: They can have any expression and be any species. Sadly my markers can't do gradients, so all gradients will become hard transitions. Thank you for reading and if you're interested...
  17. Ringebell

    Free Art: Marker Head Shots (closed)

    I'm incredibly motivated to work with my markers, so everyone who comments while this thread is open will get a marker doodle. Rules: please put your reference in a spoiler [!spoiler][/spoiler] so I can navigate faster give me an expression or emotion my markers are pretty bad and can't do...
  18. Ringebell

    Free Art: Free OC raffle (closed)

    I wanna make an OC with this template that's been going around but I have too many OC's already. So the first 8 people to comment (and give an info accordingly) have the chance to win the final design. ^^
  19. Ringebell

    Hiring: Found someone

    I would like a ref-sheet with 2 fullbodys (front and back view) with an NSFW and SFW version and ideally an outfit for one of my characters. Here is what I currently have: You can see more of him here: Tupa on Toyhouse $50 is not a hard budget, so a bit more is okay.
  20. Ringebell

    Free Art: Your characters with mine NSFW (closed)

    Drawing NSFW is a surprising amount of fun. Stuff: - give me a ref (unshaded fullbody is enough) or Toyhouse link - if you want to attach an image, put it in spoilers for my organization please ["spoiler][/spoiler] - may accept a description for very simple characters - no hyper proportions...