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  1. Astrium

    A Fascinating Look Inside the Minds of Child Molesters

    [WARNING: DO I REALLY NEED TO PUT A FUCKING WARNING HERE?] So today Cracked published this article, which is an interview with a researcher who infiltrated a group of child molesters on the Deep Web. The results are... disturbing, but oddly fascinating at the same time. Some of these people are...
  2. Astrium


    So TIL about the idea of Swedenborg's Hells, where everyone essentially has their own personal hell in their head that they go to when they die. So now I'm curious. What would your own personalized version of Hell be like?
  3. Astrium

    1K Posts and Still No Fursona

    So, FAF, I've officially hit 1K posts tonight. I just have one tiny problem: I still don't have a fursona. Now I've been wanting a fursona for a while. Shortly after I joined (has it really only been a month?), I decided that I wanted one. But here's the problem: I have no clue what my fursona...
  4. Astrium

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    So for those unaware, there's a game on the app stored called Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Basically, it's an old-school Final Fantasy game with all your favorite characters from all your favorite games (and also the Final Fantasy XIII characters). Some are obtained by doing the main storyline...
  5. Astrium

    Performing Furs

    So do we have any furs here that are big on the performing arts (besides musicians, obviously)? Any actors or dancers? If so, tell me a little bit about it and what your favorite part of it is. I've been acting off and on since I was about eight years-old myself. I love doing it and I'd love to...
  6. Astrium

    The "TIL" Thread

    Just a thread to post random interesting things you learn. I'll go first. A few weeks ago I found out that having five fingers is actually a recessive trait. Having six fingers is the dominant trait.
  7. Astrium

    What Is Your Theme Song?

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dXMfdpjnAHU This is definitely mine.
  8. Astrium


    Well, I need to practice and I'm not going to dig through every other thread for fursonas to draw, so y'all are coming to me. I'm doing headshots for free, I'll work off of an existing image or a wall-o'-text. Because, I'm shitty at proportions at the moment, I'm only going to be doing...
  9. Astrium

    Greetings and Salutations

    Hi, I'm Astrium (it might sound feminine, but I'm male). I've been kind of lurking around the main site for a while now and I decided to register on the forums today/tonight after much deliberation. I'm trying to learn how to draw (hence the main site lurking), but it's slow going and all my...