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  1. J

    Now that we're back, how did you pass the time?

    Man, it feels like it's been a full year since the FurAffinity forum was taken down for renovations. So much has happened since then (a new console generation began, I got into a couple of new bands, and a found a new hobby in "remastering Dragon Ball Z"). In fact, it was such a long wait that...
  2. J

    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    I recently commented on a post where I revealed that Autumn the Squirrel is essentially just a name and face. In terms of personality and backstory, it's all virtually nonexistent. She only exists because you're supposed to have a fursona and because (yes, I'm biased) she's cute. Have you ever...
  3. J

    Bootleg Restaurants

    Has anyone here been to a bootleg restaurant before? If so, what was the experience like?
  4. J

    Simulated Reality Question

    Humanity has officially invented a perfect simulation of reality. The option is given to anyone interested in uploading their consciousness, and - with limitations - they're given influence over their lives. They can create a family that loves them, but they can also do things which causes that...
  5. J

    Complain About Someone (Non-Forum Member)

    An ex of mine once had to get up early for something, so she asked me to wake her up at that time. No matter what I did (shaking her, turning the lights on, whatever), she refused to get up. She then got mad at me later on because I apparently didn't try hard enough. What would you like to...
  6. J

    AMA (Ask Me Anything) - JustAlex1997

    Since there's a bit of a trend going on, I decided to jump in. Ask me whatever semi-PG question you'd like.
  7. J

    Death of Social Media?

    Yesterday, yet another "___IsOverParty" hashtag was trending on Twitter. Clicking on it (which I don't recommend doing) really hammered home how drunk with power these people are. With all of the smiling emojis and talk of hunting the person (and their followers) down wherever they go to report...
  8. J

    Date Furries (18+)

    A little over a year ago, I created the thread "Meet Local Furries" to help users form friendships and relationships. I'm absolutely blown away with the attention it's received (with over 9,000 views and 200 replies), but I'd like to make it better. Especially during times like these...
  9. J

    About the New Ratchet & Clank Character (Poll)

    In the Ratchet & Clank universe, only male lombaxes have tails. However, in the trailer for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, that may have changed.
  10. J

    Online Conduct and Employment

    I've always been told that employers are very strict about what their employees say/do online, and I've done my best to remain fairly PG (hell, I don't even swear that much online). However, few others seem to do the same. Short of saying/doing anything massively offensive, you seem to be fine...
  11. J

    Transgender Wisdom Request

    I recently posted to a thread regarding transgender users of the forum, but as it doesn't seem to be super active and I'd like to discuss something in private, I decided to make my own thread to request something. If you're transgender, your wisdom may help me figure something out. Please send...
  12. J

    Same-Sex Dating Question

    While I'm attracted to both men and women, I don't really have much experience with men. I've tried it, but it seems like everyone in my area is only interested in things besides dating. Considering my lack of experience, I don't want to jump into anything I haven't gotten comfortable with yet...
  13. J

    Compliments That Stuck With You

    I saw a Twitter post recently regarding how, because it's apparently uncommon for men to get compliments, the ones we do get tend to stick with us. I decided to use that here to not only allow others to share compliments that have stuck with them, but also so I can get something that's been on...
  14. J

    Embarrassing Childhood Facts

    I thought that cyberspace was a real place and, as such, things like computer viruses physically existed and could enter our world. Our computer was in the living room, and I'd always look away when passing it at night.
  15. J

    Portal - Should You Use Walkthroughs?

    I'm admittedly a little dumb, so I struggle with puzzles more than I probably should. I'm doing my first full playthrough of Portal, and while I've only had to look up a walkthrough for one chamber, I still feel somewhat guilty about doing it. How do you feel about occasionally missing out on...
  16. J

    Teletubbies Debate

    So, a friend and I are locked in an intense battle of the minds. I argue that the Teletubbies' god (the sun) rewards their worship by sending pleasing visuals to their antennas to be displayed on their stomachs, but my friend insists that they're literally just sentient televisions. Is my...
  17. J

    Dealing With Change - A Question

    NOTE - Please excuse my somewhat vague wording on the following subject. This post deals with something I'm still trying to figure out, so I don't want to reveal a conclusion unless it's the right one. Thank you for your understanding. While we all have ways in which we view our existence...
  18. J

    Hello Again

    Hello there, travelers of the internet. I used to use these forums as Autumn the Squirrel, but I decided to make my life easier by turning my many emails and usernames into one. I'm here to stay now.