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  1. Spikyapple

    Kawaii furry commissions $5 to $105

    Trying to save up to visit bf for holidays So I’m opening all of my commission types plz read my TOS before purchasing Chibi (summer chilling ych $5 Chibi(Drink ych $5 Chibi(Ramen lovers icon animated $5 (link to more examples will be added soon! Chibi(Food chibis $10 Halfbody sketch $15...
  2. Spikyapple

    Could I vent to someone

    In a really crappy mindset rn and is extremely pissed off..
  3. Spikyapple

    Anybody else hate being lonely

    yeah this is a depressing thread but anyone else just have the worst luck in relationships Or just generally finding a companion Without being hurt in the end?
  4. Spikyapple

    Ever worked hard on a drawing or design and it gets no traction

    So your just like what’s the point anymore and you just start to hate your own art and everything you produce because you feel like it’s not good enough and nobody likes it.
  5. Spikyapple

    Adopts for sale $20 each

  6. Spikyapple

    Does anyone have tips on building social media or getting art noticed etc..

    I’ve been trying for years with literally no luck at all I gave up and I’m trying again because I’m kinda desperate to build my audience.. but I have no idea what to do or where I go from here... I’ve had people say interact with others but I have no idea how to do it how do I even find people...
  7. Spikyapple

    Looking For A Friend And Rp Parther

    Hi I’m lonely as shit I know I know it’s fucken sad ... but I’m looking for a friend/rp partner... I can do pretty much any rp heck I’d even do nsfw rp ..I don’t really mind looking for someone semi lit... and someone that doesn’t turn into a ghost I’m looking to make adult friends so 18+