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  1. SolDirix

    What is your fursona like on 10 cups of coffee?

    Let the cuteness commence.
  2. SolDirix

    A2 Zygon - An Anthro-Themed, Retro-Style Bullet Hell!

    You can play the demo and wishlist here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1910490/A2_Zygon/ Music Samples: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47382341/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47382374/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47382404/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47382442/...
  3. SolDirix

    So.. what happened to that one furry site that tried to ban feral furry artwork?

    I remember a few years ago some furry social media website with some grade-F beef against 'feral furries' decided to pull a stupid and ban furries/artwork depicting ferals, sfw or not. What website was that again? Are they still active? Are they still pulling this bs?
  4. SolDirix

    Pay respects to the sad Opossum on the site's top banner

  5. SolDirix

    Since my old intro is now gone for good.. Hello again!

    Heyo everyone! ^w^ Drop-hard fact of the day: You all have paws, and that's important. Use them to do things, like brush your teeth, eat your food, and squeeze the crap out of things! Anyway I'm bored. Anyone doing any cool projects?
  6. SolDirix

    Working on a retro-style fantasy anthro SHMUP

    This is my Anthro, 8-Bit style SHMUP solo indie project that is being made in UE4 (migrated from Python). Screenshots: UPDATE 1: It is now being rolled over into Unreal Engine 4. Python has too many limitations with framerate and texturing issues, and I like the flexibility to build for more...
  7. SolDirix

    Stupid Bear Comic Series (pls move to comics)

    A comic I was working on this year. Very wholesome, very stupid :3. Here are some of them. The rest can be found on my FA: here
  8. SolDirix

    What are you doing for Spring Break 2016?

    I am trying to plan going to the beach with my friends. I will also have more time to work on my own personal projects and stuff. And most important, more sleep! What do you guys want to do this Spring?
  9. SolDirix

    Critique on my most recent artwork.

    I was wondering if anyone can critique my latest art piece here: www.furaffinity.net: Guilt by Solid_Spy I tried to go for a basic colored image with a hard dark gray stroke around the character. The shading is what I seem to have a problem with. I don't know why, but it feels off to me. I feel...
  10. SolDirix

    What levels of maturity in the fandom do you appreciate the most?

    By maturity, I mean what aspects of the fandom do you enjoy the most, based on their appeal to either children or adults? For example, I am more into the pg-13 sorts of anthro artwork, mainly the more edgy and anime style artwork and animation (Jay Naylor, Dust, Star Fox, although it isn't pg -...
  11. SolDirix

    Any new furry web-comics out there?

    Heyo. I've been wondering if there are any artists out there who are currently working on any web-comic series that are furry related (ones that are good, not the ms-paint types). I've read comics like Better Days, and Sabrina Online, however i'm wondering if there are any new ones currently in...
  12. SolDirix

    My views on Jay Naylors Works (WARNING: OPINIONS!)

    I have always been a fan of Jay Naylor's works. He was very popular for his webcomics and his distinctive artstyle. Despite me being more of a feral furry, Jay Naylor's art style and characters influenced me more into the bi-pedal furry fandom than I have before. His first webcomic series...
  13. SolDirix

    Daily Fail misrepresents furry fandom :p

    C-C-Combobreaker! After all the positive media coverage furries have gotten recently, one of them has to step in and ruin all the fun :p Feel free to diss this article...
  14. SolDirix

    A reoccuring issue with Califur

    Hello, I am here to adress a reoccuring issue with Califur that I am sure many are aware of who have attended. There is this one guy, this one guy. Who smells, really bad, and I mean really really bad. He works at the con ops, and often whenever he walks down the halls, we can all smell him...