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  1. Stargazer Bleu

    A RE-introduction?

    Hope this is ok to post this here. Wow its been forever and a day or two since I logged onto to forum part of FA. Not sure how long I will keep coming to check here, tho I hope I do occasionally. So hi there all, to all old and new furs(and fur supporters), wonder if any of the older members...
  2. Stargazer Bleu

    Broken CTRL V feature

    I am having trouble using CTRL V or right click paste in streams. Only in streams and it seems any stream. (livestream, join me, U stream etc) I do use fire fox and win 7. I can CTRL x or c works in the streams just fine. Just not the paste. I can also paste anywhere else just not in streams...
  3. Stargazer Bleu

    Intuos 4 tablet help

    I had this tablet for 3 years now. The middle of tablet does not respond very well, tho the very outside edges does. I used the tablet properties to test the pressure sensitivity. The outside edges are fine, tho for the center area, the pressure bar twitches no matter how much pressure I use...
  4. Stargazer Bleu

    My laptop sometimes resets itself

    I have a Toshiba laptop and sometimes it resets itself. It does not happen often tho. It only does this when I first turn it on, so it not a over heat problem. It always does it at the bios loading screen(like 90%) or just as windows starts(other 10%) Also another problem is sometimes it...
  5. Stargazer Bleu

    Borderlands 2 main quest glitch

    I was playing Borderlands 2 and the main quest Wildlife preservation will not go past the door that says Bloodwing on it. Also there is no quest marker. I was doing a side quest in that same area before I wanted to do the main quest. Forgot name with out loading game up tho it was collecting 4...
  6. Stargazer Bleu

    Fursuit mouth/talking squeaker.

    I am getting a new fursuit head done and was wondering where I can get those squeakers one puts in there mouth to have that squeaky talking. I tried looking on eBay all I found was larger kind. Anyone know what I am talking about and where I can get them?
  7. Stargazer Bleu

    DDR2 ram help

    I got 8gb of ram(2x4) My laptop is suppose to be compatible with it. The bios recognizes it, tho it wont start up past the booting up part. It works with a 2gb and 4gb tho. Bios is up to date. Any one have any help for this? Laptop is Toshiba Satellite L505D win 7 (64)
  8. Stargazer Bleu

    Antheria 2012 Cancled?

    I heard this con is now completely canceled. Could not find info on this anywhere besides random word of mouth. Was not the greatest con and had lots of trouble, but can anyone with absolute certainty if it is canceled? There web site is just a plain blank black page.
  9. Stargazer Bleu

    Antheria Room Share

    Need a room for Antheria or know someone that does? Send me a message here or note me on FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/stargazerbleu I will more likely answer faster on the main site. There is still time to pre register till Sep for it. My Conditions Antheria http://www.antheria.org/ is...
  10. Stargazer Bleu

    Walmart Wedding

    I was checking my email and this was a link the page had before I signed in. Having a wedding at a Wal-mart. http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/walmart-wedding/208neav2?from=imbot_us_default I wonder what Wal-mart will do next?
  11. Stargazer Bleu

    Califur room share.

    Any one need a room for califur? I am preregistered and have a room registered too. I have a room reserved already and would like one more to share a room with who need a room without paying full price for one. I am looking for one extra person.( maybe 2 if dont mind sleeping on floor tho I am...
  12. Stargazer Bleu

    iTunes help

    I downloaded the newest newest version of itunes on my lap top, it also gave me quick time. The thing is it wont even load up. I tried powering off. Reinstalling it not help either. It shows the hour glass thing for a sec but nothing happens at all. I have windows 7 home premium(64 bit) Can...
  13. Stargazer Bleu

    The origins of the Om nom nom

    I was bored and saw this. The Cookie Monster might of very well been the founder of the nom? I dunno still funny I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqz9ZXUoUcE&feature=channel_video_title
  14. Stargazer Bleu

    Fable 3 Glitch?

    I am playing through Fable 3. I have all my stats on mt dog maxed. Some areas I go through my dog says there is treasure but nothing is there. He points to a spot with nothing. Not a dig spot but treasure. I can walk away come back go to different area come back still says something is there...
  15. Stargazer Bleu

    Router problems.

    Last couple of days my router been having problems keeping me online. A direct connection of modem is fine. I am using a wired connection for my router and laptop. I tried it wifi connection still nothing. Also last couple of days been like 10-20 degrees hotter and the room where I have the...
  16. Stargazer Bleu

    Can someone line my sketch?

    I have a sketch I would like to get inked/lined. So I can get it colored.(you need not do coloring, just ink so I can get it done) Free would be great of course, but if will not charge to much I can pay a little. Here is the piece so you can see if you would like to...
  17. Stargazer Bleu

    Legend of the Guardian

    Didn't see any post about this movie yet unless I skipped over it. What you think of this movie? Anyone going to see it? Out in a few weeks I belive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_lMihSKkgA&feature=related
  18. Stargazer Bleu

    Smurfs in 3D? Seriously?

    Still hard to believe if this is real or not. They are making movies about everything else from years ago why not this. Check it out for more info. Real or not? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472181/
  19. Stargazer Bleu

    Tablet drivers help

    Every time I shut my laptop off then power back on, like the next day my tablet stops working. It shows it gets power. Shows it is detected. I can deleted the driver then reinstall it, seems to work fine. Till I shutdown again. There a way I can fix this? I even used drivers from the site it...
  20. Stargazer Bleu

    Titanic 2

    Has any heard about this movie? Personally I don't think it will do very good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBjC8yOJkkk&feature=player_embedded