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  1. soulbox

    Show me your fursuit! :0

    I’m gettin’ a fursuit, pretty damn excited. How about your fursuits? I want to see some pictures!
  2. soulbox

    Hypnosis Animation?

    Yes, does anybody know how to animate hypnosis, furry hypno eyes style? Ex: https://pa1.narvii.com/6543/896b7adb82adbad496d6fabf0bd1c4dafcb32192_hq.gif
  3. soulbox

    Anime/Manga/Weeb talk

    Currently reading Hell’s Paradise and re-reading Tokyo Ghoul. Currently watching the Cells at Work series and Demon Slayer. I hardly know any anime/manga though and I wonder if anybody has any recommendations. ^^ I love horror, psychological, supernatural, action, mecha, and shounen manga/anime...
  4. soulbox

    Webcomic: Monster girls on tour

    I’ll... have to check this out.
  5. soulbox

    Merry Christmas and happy new year

    Have a safe happy holidays and new year everyone.
  6. soulbox

    Oh hey how goes it?

    Oh hey how goes it?
  7. soulbox

    Vent Thread

    A lot has been going on mentally. I feel sort of... shocked I guess. Shocked to finally understand what’s going on with my brain. I think, anyways. I have an another appointment tomorrow and I’m super anxious... but I think all of the pieces to my brain puzzle are slowly coming together. It’s...
  8. soulbox

    Unpopular opinions 2.0!

    I hate every update a social media app or website does. xD To me, the website/app gets worse and not better.
  9. soulbox

    02's Sketchbook

    Thanks. ^^
  10. soulbox

    Anyone else make music playlists for their characters?

    Some of my characters have music in their toyhouse profiles. Here's dani: https://toyhou.se/7619579.dani
  11. soulbox

    02's Sketchbook

    Quick dani doodles today.
  12. soulbox

    Not really new but still...

  13. soulbox

    Being single

    I have terrible relationship anxiety (I think ocd levels), so... right now I’m being casual. It’s cool not having to worry about a relationship, but I don’t want my anxiety to control me like that, y’know? I still hope that one day, I’ll be able to handle being in a relationship.
  14. soulbox

    Vent Thread

    Vent time again. I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. The reasoning for this is kinda a touchy subject, so I’m not gonna explain it here but yeah. .w. Aw well. I guess I don’t really have to belong anywhere.
  15. soulbox

    Vent Thread

    Nah, I'm mostly self-taught. But I'm going to take a graphic design class next semester.
  16. soulbox

    Vent Thread

    That's the thing man. Sure sometimes you have your own mess, but they have their mess too. And they're not cleaning up after themselves. It's so one-sided and that's not okay. They're not being responsible. Relationships require both parties to make the effort and they're not making any. at...
  17. soulbox

    Vent Thread

    Yeah... I have no idea what I want to be. :U I don't even have a career in mind.
  18. soulbox

    Vent Thread

    vent uh..... sometimes I feel like nothing. But that's okay I guess cause... I don't really have to be something. I should learn to be at peace with that nothingness.
  19. soulbox

    Vent Thread

    I'm sorry but that ain't right... You should talk to them. Or dump them.
  20. soulbox

    Hello everybody

    Nice. I liked Promised Neverland too.