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  1. X_Joshi_X

    3D Modelled Low-Poly Fursonas starting at 10$

    Hello everyone! Good ol' FaF smell is in the air isn't it? Anyways, I'm selling 3D modelled low poly fursonas! Yes! It's also possible to print them out on a 3D printer, but you'll have to find one by yourself. They're 10$ each. Every additional render of your model will be free. If you want...
  2. X_Joshi_X

    The official Deadpool (2016) trailer is out! I present you, the great Deadpoolio

    Finally, here is the official Deadpool movie trailer. I love it! https://youtu.be/FyKWUTwSYAs
  3. X_Joshi_X

    My new favourite soundtrack: Anno 2070

    My favourite game soundtrack was Black Mesa by Joel Nielson. Then I bought Anno 2070 yesterday and was blown away by this amazing soundtrack. Its just beautiful. It would also fit in every other scifi game or movie. Examples: https://youtu.be/IdAMGJpo8fk https://youtu.be/6BDaUeBkSEw...
  4. X_Joshi_X

    Deadpool Movie

    Well, I fell in love with Deadpool and I really cant wait for the movie! Release on February 12th 2016 And heres a little teaser and I already love it xD The movie will be sooooo good! https://youtu.be/EXC4qEdFFFc
  5. X_Joshi_X

    Show me your favourite guitar solo!

    Hey guys! I'm bored and got this idea: Show me your favourite guitar solo or guitar part at all! I want to know whats your favourite style :D I will start with these: Nothing else matters solo - Metallica (starting at 4:50) https://youtu.be/Tj75Arhq5ho?t=4m50s All this time - Rage...
  6. X_Joshi_X

    Rest in peace James Horner

    Imo, the best composer in movie history James Horner died yesterday on Juni 22th in a dramatic plane crash. You may know him for the soundtracks for Titanic, Aliens, Spiderman, Braveheart, Apollo 13 or the impressive soundtrack for James Cameron's Avatar. Its really sad that he passed away so...
  7. X_Joshi_X

    Tsawl's "Sketch" Gallery

    I hope this is the right forum and way to post it, because I dont know if you can call 3D art a sketch but I want to share my little wip's finished scenes and by-the-way projects with you :)
  8. X_Joshi_X

    Quick 3D art request session

    Free Art: Quick 3D art request session I got so much amazing free art in the last time, that I feel like I have to give a bit of it back, so lets get started with the: 3D Request Session #1 My Do's: -Non natural shapes -Abstract shapes -Animations up to.. Lets say depending on complexity up...
  9. X_Joshi_X

    Dr. Tsawl's Video Game Tips

    Didnt make a thread in a while and now im starting with this ugliest title ever wohoo! But trust me, Im the doctor! Doctor Who reference duh! Anyways, here's my game tipp: https://youtu.be/zVYJ9o6Bddo Yes! Black Mesa finally got a full release. Including the Xen Galaxy ^^ (at least i...
  10. X_Joshi_X

    FaF Culture Swap - Still a thing?

    Yeah I, and I think a few other too, was wondering if the whole culture swap is still a thing? It was a great idea and I was pretty excited about it. What do you think? If Chuchi dont wanna administrate it longer is there anyone, who want it then? Here's the original post...
  11. X_Joshi_X

    Digitalize your sketches! Free Art yay :D

    Im bored as fuck and I want to draw a bit, so im offering you to digitalize your sketches wohoo! Send me a scan, a digital sketch or a high-res photo of it and I'll digitalize it with flatcolor. If you dont have a ref, which you should send me, for the colors, please specify the colors ;)...
  12. X_Joshi_X

    Furaffinity FORUMS Facebook group?

    Group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/844876385594168/ Hey guys n gals ^^ Okay so, there is a FA facebook group... But no FAF facebook group. The FA group is mainly for posting art and critique and stuff and I wondered if anyone would be interested in a facebook group of this forum. We...
  13. X_Joshi_X

    Me and Ju

    Ju's birthday is in one month and I need a gift. I try to draw a bit myself but its really hard and I dont know, if Im gonna like the finished picture. So: If anyone wants to draw a wolf and a yordle-angeldragon hybrid, here is your chance. I imagined somthing like this: I am standing on one...
  14. X_Joshi_X

    I want to start drawing. But where should I start? D:

    Okiee. I got a tablet a few days ago. Now I want to start drawing, but I dont have any clue, where I should start :( My questions: Which program should I use? Which brush should I use? How should I configure the program? How can I make smooth lines n stuff, like in the pictures? How should I...
  15. X_Joshi_X

    Yanis #Varoufake

    Mh. I think this should be the right forum. Okie, which one of you had heard about the German satire about Yanis Varoufakis? Okay lemme explain: A great German satire show took a real video of Varoufakis, sticking the finger to Germany, and they cut out the finger, so he doesn't stick his...
  16. X_Joshi_X

    Looking for custom plushy of my fursona

    As the title says, Im looking for a custom plushie of my fursona. I dont have a clue at what price range I have to start ^^ My budget is about 50-80$, hope thats enough The plushy should be about 30-50cm (12-20 inch) Here is my ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15887918/ More examples...
  17. X_Joshi_X

    The Best Baddies - Movie, Game, Book, whatever...

    Yea, whats your favourite baddie? I know, they're bad n stuff, but some of them are really cool. I'll start: Dr.Breen and the combine themself Ronan the Accuser Colonel Miles Quaritch
  18. X_Joshi_X

    AND Art Trade: 3D Art for ma peeps

    Now: Here's a list of things I will do and what I wont do: Info: Free Art only basic shapes and wallpapers. No animations. No natural shapes!! Look out for the Art Trade journal for more! 3D art -Basic Shapes -Natural shapes not as much but it could be possible Trade only -100%...
  19. X_Joshi_X

    How did the fandom changed your live or the way you live it?

    First I hope this is the right forum and that this is no double post. I didnt find anything with searching. Now: How did entering the furry fandom changed your live or how changed it the way you live it? For me personally it changed, but I'm not sure how much. Im now into the fandom for about...
  20. X_Joshi_X

    Steam Link and Valves SteamVR Headset.

    Yeah. Also Valve made an announcement for Steam link, a little streaming box for 50 bucks, which can stream your PC games wireless at 120FPS FullHD to your TV via HDMI. It will come out in November. Here's a pic: Also Valve produces a virtual Reality headset together with HTC, and its specs...